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  1. Concord Christian will be tough. Hampton went to scout them and they are big and returned all 5 starters from a semi final run in the North Carolina state championships.
  2. Good win for Unaka for sure on their home floor. Hampton plays Central on the road tonight might be a good early season measuring stick comparing Unaka and Hampton. There are several differences though. Hampton just got there football players back this week, Central has a game under there belt, and Hampton is playing on the road. Should be fun watching the season play out, lots of unknowns this year.
  3. I was thinking the same thing, it will be "Wide open" this year.
  4. Alright boys and girls its officially basketball time in District 1A. Who's the favorite? Hampton should be strong especially in a few weeks after they get healthy and the footballers get there basketball legs.
  5. Unaka is playing well, Sullivan North is healthy and playing well now and all the sudden this conference is wide open. Still think UH an NG are the two best teams right now.
  6. I would agree with everything you are saying even the sooner than you think part......Hearing the same things on the alliance front king. I do feel like we are good enough to beat anyone but young enough to lose to anyone.
  7. I don't look for the 5 in 5 out to continue all season, Unless some decide to play on both ends. Defense wins championships.
  8. I am still thinking it runs through District 1, not sold on Hancock's early success based off the Jellico score.... UH and then NG, Hampton and maybe adding in Cland still pretty strong I believe. Not sure what's going on in Roan Mtn. right now but you can never count them out. This year may be as balanced as it has been in a while tho. I still believe Hampton and Cosby's youth is a wait and see and Greenback is new to the party in bball, :)
  9. Still very early but after some early season non conference tune up games who is looking like contenders and or pretenders? Is Hampton and Hancock for real? I'm going to say in District 1A- Between Cloudland, UH, Ng and Hampton its going to be a Dog fight, with Unaka possibly playing spoiler on who wins it outright.
  10. This year will gain them valuable experience on what could be a Deep State Tournament run next Year. Sky is the limit and who knows... come February and tournament time we might could make a run this year but it wayyyy to early to expect that.
  11. Hampton has looked impressive so far in scrimmages as well as last night. Really young may cause ups and downs but really interested in seeing us play against a quality opponent. If Avery and Sullivan Central are quality opponent's we might just be Loaded :)
  12. Any predictions on the upcoming season.
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