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  1. If you can't read Titanmike, I said i didn't know I removed it. I can make my point again if need be. Norton did not impress me. I heard he tried to go to Blackman in the spring and didn't get the starting job so he came back to DA. Don't know if that is true, but I can see why. He missed a lot of wide open guys, and I thought he stared down his wideouts too much. He would never go through his progressions, it seemed like I could always tell where the ball was going. He made a few decent throws when FC coverage broke down in the second half. But overall not what y'all DA fans make him out to be. I was actually talking to a national certified qb coach, take it for what it is worth, and he is not impressed with the kid. The Hewitt kid looked good when he ran into someone smaller than him. I figured a Big Ten recruit would have been more impressive. A kid of that talent should have had 300 yards against FC. The DE going to Miss. ST. he looks like Tarzan plays like jane. I heard his name more as the kicker, than making plays on D. Y'all want to talk down on trick plays and playing dirty defense. Come on now. Trick plays make the game fun, and when your qb is off and you run the same run play up the middle, you got to do something to score. I was at the game and I did not like the overall play calling, on FC part, but I did enjoy the trick plays. I didn't see any dirty plays on defense from FC's part. The just came out and hit you in the mouth for 3 quarters and ran out of gas, in the forth. Who ever said DA would get to 49 points, I told you it would happen. I don't want to take away from DA win, good team and a great year. I was really wanting to see this match-up last year, but y'all dropped the ball.
  2. Congrats to DA. Good game! FC got out athleted in the 2nd half. Great year to both teams.
  3. That was week four. Nobody is playing their best ball week four. I just do not see FC allowing 49 points. They have two weeks to scheme, and a lot of times schemes beat talent. They have a D front that is hard to block. They have a DB who at one point lead the state with 7 ints, I think the state leader has 8 now. . I mean I just cant see 49 being in the works. If they can get there hats off. I played under a lot of these coaches, and I know how well they get things rolling this time of year. Friendship is the defending champ, so they have that championship experience, and they saw those 2011 and 2012 teams take care of business. They know what it takes. If they can slow down the DA offense, cause DA will get theirs, they have a real good shot to repeat. McNeal is 3-1 in championship games, with that lone loss being a close one in 2006, so he will have his boys ready. I hope for a good game. Looks like its going to be a nice rainy day. Good luck to both teams.
  4. Freindship's D wont give up 49 points, especially with 2 weeks to prepare.
  5. Just to make to Alcoa is heck of a seaon
  6. If the UHS vs LA game is anything like the district championship game, everyone is for a treat.
  7. They had a chance to move up to 4A last class change and chose not too. I think the way putnam county is growing it wont be long before they do have to move up. Then Alcoa wont be a problem anymore haha.
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