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  1. As a recent former wrestler i can say there is no excuse for what the cleveland kid did. Especially the last match of your senior year thats the worst way to injure your legacy. Same goes for cockman. If someone lashes out cause their losing you have to just move on and get off the mat. I feel bad both of them ended their year that way. Hopefully their teammates can learn from this.
  2. Its just fisaks teammates im guessing. Hes a freshmen and its probably just his freshmen buddies havin some fun. I found it all pretty funny.
  3. I agree with this. Every time anything from d2 is mentioned the thead gets hijacked by transfer arguments. Which im sick of reading especially when im looking for good recaps on things i may have missed last night. The 170 d2 match is also over. The kids dont need to be analyzed and the only lesson that should be taken is that when grown adults lose their class over a high school sport, then it falls apart for the kids too. Thats my input on the last 3 pages of thread. Thx to the guy who made the recap on all the finals matches earlier I enjoyed your summary.
  4. TSSAA really could not care less about their consumers.
  5. What happened that they gave him an unsportsmanlike?
  6. Heres what im going with. I would also say if there is a dark horse here its McCrary. He dominated 152 at his regions. 1. Sweeney 2. Brown 3. Ferguson 4. Herron 5. Harter 6. McCrary
  7. I was gonna make my own predictions on this weight but it looks like I entirely agree with bump on this one
  8. Heres my picks. Super tough bracket. 1. Cannon 2. Clemmons 3. Witt 4. Haney 5. Mckeffery 6. Rogers
  9. I think he was on your side partner
  10. Brackets are up on track by the way. Let the fun begin!
  11. Oh for sure Dooley wins big I just meant there were gonna be other good matches between the other kids.
  12. This is about impossible to predict right now with how many weight changes are happening as we speak. After regionals itll clear up.
  13. Coffee had a close match against a kid from Nolensville at Indy. Sadly that kids is A/AA so we won't be seeing that again. Coffee has pinned about every other kid in the state in the first period including those who are ranked. I will also say a lot of this tourney will have some snoozefest weight classes as the one stud kicks everyone around, but I know some weight classes have 4 or 5 good wrestlers in them like 138 or 120 so look for excitement there in the placement matches.
  14. Im curious about this as well. As someone who is unable to attend, are these matches just that heated or are the refs being real trigger happy with unsportsmanlikes. I remember this was a big complaint last year.
  15. I've never been huge on the team rankings cause they are too hard to accurately predict. I always saw Brentwood and Centennial on even playing field so I expected competition for sure. Indy surprised me for sure, but they have had a well run program last few years so its not terribly shocking.
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