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  1. Problem is TSSAA. When they defend referees, umpires etc even when they are wrong they destroy the accountability. I referee and umpire. I hate to hear the "can't get refs because of fans". Bull can't because theirs no accountability and good ones are rewarded and are stuck cleaning up for TSSAA putting subpar guys on the fields. Refs and umps who love and respect the players and the game still are appreciated by coaches, players and fans but shocking not TSSAA officials. Refs and umps don't even get passes to go watch games.
  2. Congrats to TC. Great defensive football game. Not proud of the way things went down at the end. Now MC has to re-focus. The loss in 2017 inspired the run we were on and was fueled by our last loss to TC. How will this group react? TC good luck will be pulling for you.
  3. TC no offensive answer against Meigs D. Once again MC coaches are playing chess everybody else playing checkers.
  4. First- Do schools really want to win or is it lip service? I've watched high school football in my area for over 50 years and have watched good programs and bad ones. Good ones don't accept losing and figure out a way/ ways to fix issues. Bad ones just use excuses 1) no athletes 2) can't pay what .. pay 3) kids are different 4) can't get good assistants. if you want to win 1) find winning program and recruit their coach or ask who they have 2) think outside the box - don't be cookie cutter 3) be brave and supportive in hiring 4) give contract and expectations just like colleges yes it can be done, yes kids deserve it, excuses or answers
  5. One of the greatest high school games I've ever seen and we lost. Baines ran wild Meigs threw it all over the field, dropped pass in 2nd Q in end zone, bad snap on the 1 and pick 6 for TC. Still remember the TC fans being horrible before but amazing after. Players still talk about the respect. TC Radio earned major respect that night.
  6. Fact Meigs vs Trousdale is fun matchup. 2018:29-32 at Creekbank 2019:22-20 at Decatur 2020:16-13 at Bank. This is game where legends are made. Battles have been fierce on coacht, ferocious on the field, but Total Class after it's over by both programs.
  7. Meigs is good. ER is not. Poorly coached, amazed at what SEC player plays like
  8. Shout out to Coach Fitzgerald and Meigs staff. 5 semi-finalists in 5 years. Winning teams get awards: 5 Region Titles, 3 Trips to semis, 2 Runner-ups and a ?
  9. Huge catch as a soph against Trousdale where he broke his foot. Missed state title game. Has worked very hard to get where he is. Congrats
  10. Coach Fitz mentioned culture, standard of excellence 2014 6-5 1st rd 2015 4-6 no playoffs 2016 10-2 2nd rd loss to Forrest 2017 12-1 quarterfinal loss to Rockwood (last home loss) 2018 13-1 semifinal loss to Trousdale 2019 13-2 Finals loss to Peabody 2020 14-1 Finals loss to Peabody 2021 9-0 thats culture that's a standard but it's ALL of Meigs Baseball, Softball, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Volleyball, Boys Golf All to state tournament in last 7 years Good coaches, Good Administration, Good players, Good Hometown Support Great is a word often confused with good, & good with average At Meigs we're good close to great
  11. Didn't say beat--said play. And ok. I love how since 2017 that's all Meigs heard. "Big boy football" yadayadayada. But Meigs PROVED and everybody will be trying to excuse it away.
  12. All that needs to be said is Meigs can't play in the valley lol. And Meigs is better coached, much more physical and is on a quest
  13. Meigs vs Tyner at the Home of the Tigers. Meigs 29 straight at home. Best Home crowd in 2A. Bet? Have not lost a region game since 2016.
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