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  1. Looks like a good combo right there. You don't want to give the QB all day to throw that's for sure.
  2. I read somewhere that OZ is returning quiet a few starters along with the RB and QB and hope to make a deep run in the playoffs, I thought it was on 5Star Preps but it must have been somewhere else because I couldn't find it on there. They'll be tough for sure and I hope we are healthy when they come to GB.
  3. I hope this guy is at the scrimmage, it'll be a good test for our defense. Get us warmed up for tackling #25 in the opener.
  4. The only press Greenback is getting is from S. Pitt people on the T. It's all propaganda!
  5. This statement here is one example of the nonsense posted by S. Pitt people. It's obvious that if the Ryan man was going to get what he wanted he would have gotten a true all purpose running back that could do it all and a few more lineman for depth. The WR's we got are nice ball players and will add depth there but we already had that covered pretty well.
  6. Central seems to struggle early on offense every year of late but would look for them to be very tough on defense and score enough to get through. I look for Powell to be the team to beat this year in 5A. Powell vs Greeneville in the first Thursday Night Rivalry game should be a great game. I'm a closet South Doyle fan so I hope they do well and believe they have the talent to make a run at it. In 4A you have to believe it will be Greeneville and Anderson Co again. It goes without saying that Alcoa will again be unstoppable after returning most of their starters from last year. Austin East should be good but they're in the wrong region along with Gatlinburg who should be a solid team. Greenback is looking pretty good again with a solid senior class. Coalfield will challenge them again this year for the region title and Oliver Springs will be competitive along with Harriman. Maryville will be the team to beat in 6A if they can get past William Blount.
  7. Curious here about the "19" starters..... If Little Johnnie started on offense and defense would that be counted as two starters returning or will there be 19 different kids returning that started last year?
  8. As has been said over and over on CoachT individual players does not a team make. People seem to be dismissing the fact that GB graduated 16 seniors, most of whom were starters and picking up a few good players will not replace that. There is certainly potential but they must stay healthy and come together as a team to be successful. Right now I think they're a top 5 team but until they put on the pads and get a couple scrimmages under their belt there's really no telling how they will gel. South Pitt is obviously the preseason team to beat out of the east, NO question!
  9. Pay attention BIG. Pretty sure all these guys were starters at previous schools, some on both sides of the ball at 5A and 6A schools getting all the playing time they wanted. One is and All State LB.
  10. True! #53 is going to be fun to watch this year... He just started working out this year and is getting stronger and I love the way he plays on the offensive side of the ball. Puts me in mind of Cade Mays at Catholic a couple years ago.... NASTY!
  11. Josiah will be a senior this year. Blue Grey goes by the grade you just completed. Looking forward to watching him this year for sure!
  12. Healthy is going to be the key for sure. Not a lot of depth at this point. I was glad to hear of an 8th grader with the ability to possibly contribute on the line. I didn't think an 8th grader should play high school football until I saw Bubba last year!
  13. Trace has been talking to several D2 & NAIA schools and a few D1 that show good interest, although he will be back at DE this year (which is where the interest is) if everybody stays healthy. I heard Josiah and Belcher has been talking to some also.
  14. I appreciate the humor, you have quiet the imagination! The guy I spoke with was a nice guy and we talked for a bit but what I said is verbatim what your guy said. I can understand his thinking for sure because when any team (much less a 1A team) loses 16 seniors, mostly starters, you should expect a drastic drop in talent. GB will be different for sure and as has been said on here they will have a lot to work out in these first games but I do expect them to be competitive.
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