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  1. I heard he had a good game. They said on the news 100+ yards and 3 TD's I believe.
  2. You called it. Hampton will be at home next week.
  3. He had over 100 yds rushing on us the first time we played them last year. We shut him down the second game and held him to 33 yds rushing. He is a good defensive player also so he will help.
  4. That look though... SMH.... When the announcer said the ball bounced off our player before the call was made on the field!
  5. 44 missed the first game. How much difference, if any, will he make in the rematch?
  6. Good win tonight. Looks like no serious injuries and time to move on to the next round! Seen a few more wrinkles tonight that I liked. More coming I'm sure!
  7. Congratulations to Holden Willis and all other candidates!
  8. You're right about everything but the defense. I just looked at the film to confirm and the 1st string D came out in the 1st qtr. The 2's came in for the last series of the 1st qtr.
  9. Good win for OS. But man I thought it would be closer!
  10. Somebody give us a score. Nobody wanna take that phone out in the rain?
  11. We played against Oliver Springs, in I believe 1982, and my cousin went up against a huge guy. My cousin was center and this guy played nose. Do any of you guys know who this might have been and how big he was? Biggest guy I saw all year that year. We played for South Young and he came to the game last week and we were talking about it. I was a freshman and my cousin was a sophomore.
  12. I remember that being a thing when I was in school and several kids died from it. And yes it was a rough part of town and still is. Didn't realize it was while I was there but am thankful to be out of there now.
  13. SD showed against Seymour that if you can shut down #2 they can be beat fairly easily. They are to one dimensional for Central's defense. Central wins by 3 TD's if they are full strength.
  14. Good catch. We also spelled it with 5 letters in Vestal.
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