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  1. I would call them Pearl Cohn light, and that's not an insult.
  2. Summit for sure. Hendersonville is a great program, but I will take the best team from the best county
  3. Dr. Patton at Indy is a GREAT Principal that supports both academics and athletics
  4. Will be a tough game, just like the Covington game. They only lost to Riverdale 20-7 who was one of the better 6a teams in the state.
  5. From what I have read and heard, it looks like he is going to take a break from coaching.
  6. He applies for every job that comes open
  7. HA! No way he wants anything to do with a difficult schedule
  8. No, only two Murfreesboro schools can. Rutherford includes Smyrna, Stewarts Creek, and LA Vergne. There is validity to his question.
  9. Yeah, it's really getting old. Regardless of youth, they are more talented than Stewarts Creek and Rockvale, but lost to both. After this year, they will be the 2nd most talented team in Murfreesboro.
  10. But hey, they're scoring points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. When was the last time Blackman gave up 63? Or even close to that. Goes both ways.
  12. What else is it then? This coaching staff was on cloud 9 with the fan base a year ago.
  13. Clearly it's someone who has a grudge against the HC.
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