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  1. Just on the outside looking in, but is it possible the community expectations are a little unrealistic? They won two fairly recent state championships when they were 2a in the 5 class system, and some runner ups being 3a. Outside of 2020, most of their success in 3a came before or right at the beginning of the opening of South Gibson High School (2012). I know they have talent, but does it match up to Haywood, or some of the other top 4a teams? Haywood got killed by Tullahoma btw. I know I will get crushed by some Milan fans, but just asking a fair question.
  2. That maybe it's an overreaction after one bad year. Just maybe
  3. Yikes! A year ago you were 3a State Runner Ups!
  4. Yes, but the football coaching stipends are one of the lowest in the state. The teacher pay is good, but not as high as people think. They also don't do negotiable contacts. You get paid exactly where you are on the teacher pay scale and what the Head Football coach stipend is.
  5. Here's a name. Brian Coleman at Summit. He's done a great job there and has probably reached his peak there with this senior class graduating. Milan can probably pay him more since they are an independent school district. He played for Bethel so not completely foreign to West Tennessee. Probably a long shot as he may be holding out for a big private school, but I don't see him staying at Summit for much longer.
  6. I doubt he will go to that offense at Indy, but I could be wrong
  7. True, Ravenwood will be the team to beat, but 2nd place will be pretty open.
  8. Yeah..........he's coming from a pretty good 4a region, but nothing compared to what he will be going against here.
  9. Not a chance! I don't recall Alcoa playing LA. Again, you barely beat Knox West
  10. LA is at least as good as Oakland. I'm by NO means an LA fan, just being truthful because I saw the game in person.
  11. The really good teams had games to play
  12. Oakland his better than Maryville...Period! I watched LA play Oakland and they controlled the game against them for three quarters. McCallie I believe was the best team in the state. Alcoa is very good, but definitely would not beat any of those teams. We all know the game is played on the field , I am answering a hypothetical post. If you can't handle it, don't read these posts.
  13. They lost to Maryville and barely beat Knox West so they would lose to all three of those teams by a pretty good margin.
  14. 4A is tough, especially if you're playing up,
  15. Lance White?? He spent 8 years as the DC there, and his wife is the AD. He was at Franklin this past year as the OC, so that goes against him since Franklin had a very rough year on offense.
  16. Doubt it. He still lives in Trousdale County I believe
  17. I would call them Pearl Cohn light, and that's not an insult.
  18. Summit for sure. Hendersonville is a great program, but I will take the best team from the best county
  19. Dr. Patton at Indy is a GREAT Principal that supports both academics and athletics
  20. Will be a tough game, just like the Covington game. They only lost to Riverdale 20-7 who was one of the better 6a teams in the state.
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