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  1. Huntingdon could host. Nice facility, turf, everything to ask for. It's not used that time of year anyway. As far as who will be playing for 1A, Peabody VS tossup. I don't feel there is a clear cut in the east right now.
  2. Well, the schedule looks to be finished for Cornersville as are many others. Pulled from Coach T. 8/19 Richland H 8/27 Forrest A 9/3 Huntland A Region 9/10 Clay county H 9/17 Collinwood H Region 9/24 Eagleville A Region 10/1 Fayetteville H Region 10/15 Wayne County A Region 10/22 Moore County H Region 10/29 Zion Christian A
  3. @Southtowner Every time you see Fayetteville play, they win. You must be like their good luck charm or something. You are welcome back to Cornersville, just not during region play because every time you have been to a Cornersville game, we have lost. Can't afford to lose any region games next season. Thanks for all you do on here! Congrats on a great season!
  4. Too bad couldn't have worked out something with Cornersville if coming to middle TN anyway. Love playing Lake County. Long trips but the people are worth it.
  5. Ahhh---Franklin County. Need to specify a little better because some (myself included) may think FC is standing for Fayetteville City. Good input!
  6. Care to elaborate on the big bold area there? What is the story behind a 2 year ban? Haven't heard anything of that.
  7. I keep forgetting that Peabody is moving down. Definitely #1 in the state. Would agree with you in the state rankings. Really want to keep this more about R5 than state, but wherever the discussion goes is ok with me.
  8. Now that the season is officially over, let's take a look at 2021 and hope that through the offseason, the mess that affected 2020 goes away. Hopefully we can get back to scrimmages, spring practice/games, 7 on 7, etc. Region 5 has a new look this season. Gone are Mt. Pleasant and Ricland, added are Collinwood, Wayne County, and Eagleville. My way too early prediction for the region shakes out like this: 1. Fayetteville--Defending 1A state champs. Until proven otherwise, preseason #1 in the region and possibly state. 2-3. Moore County/Cornersville--Cornersville loses only 7 seniors from last seasons team, but four of those were skill position, including QB. Some question marks for sure, but did play a bunch of underclassmen who received valuable game experience. Moore County, New coach brought fire and explosive offense. Can that be maintained? Not sure of who all graduated, but feel like will still be a very good team. 4-7. I feel the last playoff spot is up for grabs between four very good perennial playoff teams. Those being Eagleville, Huntland, Wayne County, and Collinwood. If I had to make a pick today, I would say the spot goes to Eagleville. Nothing against the other teams, but in this region three good teams are going to be left out of the playoffs. Thoughts?
  9. It will be a wild one I am sure. I mainly just see you and General. Probably miss some. It will more than likely bring some folks out of the woodwork for sure.
  10. Glad to see you finally admit it...
  11. I knew I saw at least one more. I watched them twice in person this year. We could have and probably should have beaten them in the regular season. Watched them in the 2nd game against Moore county and was a totally different team than when we played them. I had a gut feeling about it but at the same time just making an underdog pick.
  12. 3 out of last 4 years, R5 has two silver and a gold. Congrats Fayetteville on a great game!
  13. My pick isn't looking too far off. You were saying?
  14. It is stacked for sure. We have played Eagleville for the last 4 years at least, going 2-2 in that stretch if I remember correctly. That was when it didn't count, now they do. Richland was going to stay for the "Battle of Buford station" with them moving to 2A. The additions of Collinwood and Wayne county will make it interesting. Not sure about the last 2 games. Have heard some teams but don't want to throw rumors out. I said it before too just like you did. A really good team or two will miss the playoffs next season. The one that scares me is McKenzie as another said. Can't rule out Mcewen, and even Bruceton. I do like the chances though.
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