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  1. Just sitting back and watching for Cornersville.
  2. Last season Cornersville had 48 on the roster and should have close to that amount this seasons(40-45, haven's seen the numbers) Wayne county had 58 or so on the roster last season when we played them in the playoffs.
  3. Cornersville was only an honorable mention this year for the top 10. Thank you for putting us in 4th, but I like where we are. We will see what the season holds and maybe we can sneak up on some folks again this year.
  4. Great analysis. Cornersville returned one starter on offense(left tackle) and two on defense(two DT) and one was injured for the scrimmage. I think there are a couple still playing baseball. There were also several that were injured that will play a big role come fall. All three teams should make the playoffs, how deep they go is yet to be seen. Best of luck to all three.
  5. Not sure who all was at the scrimmage tonight, would love to get your thoughts, but I thought the DAWGS looked pretty good. Plenty of work to still do before fall, but all in I thought looked pretty good for a spring game with 10 practices under their belt. We also had 3-4 potential/actual starters out. Injury bug hit in the spring...hope that thing has moved on.
  6. Rumor is Chapel Hill, Cornersville, and Gordonsville will have a three way scrimmage in May at Chapel Hill. May 10th at 5:30
  7. It has been a couple of years since we saw South Pitt, but saw Huntingdon last season and I would have to agree, after seeing it in person, one of the best football facilities I have ever seen, especially for 1A football. Top notch all the way around, and that is from a Cornersville fan. South Pitt is nice for sure, but seeing both in person I would begrudgingly give the edge to Huntingdon.
  8. Your tag line says 2001. Just sayin'
  9. Rumor is that Cornersville, Forrest, and Gordonsville will be having a three way scrimmage in the spring at Forrest. I think that will be somewhat of a good measuring stick for all three teams very early in the season. Gordonsville came to Cornersville last year for the spring and it was a good game...as good as spring games can be. I figure the T will start heating up a little with spring practices starting to fire up around the state. Ready for camp season to get rolling and for me and my family that starts April 6th at the Battle in the Smokies. Can't wait!
  10. As a Cornersville parent, I agree that there will be some drop off, but don't underestimate them either. There is a ton of talent that has been standing on the sidelines for the last couple of seasons. Those guys that had to go against those seniors every day in practice now get their shot to see what they can do in starting roles. Think about this...they have gone against the 2nd(man that hurts to say) best team in the state for 2 years. Not only were they pushing those guys to be better, they were getting better themselves. Time will tell where it all ends up, but I believe they will be better than people think, only because people don't know what is there.
  11. I would agree. He sort of reminds me of a Christian Mccafferey type back. Watching him at one point this season he even looked like him. I know of three offers he has, but not sure if that is all or not.
  12. I would think MTSU, Vanderbilt, or even Nissan stadium would be better. Nissan stadium would be a problem though as the Titans are still playing at the time as well as the Music city bowl. MTSU has done upgrades and is a very nice facility. Haven't been to Vandy in years so not sure what they have done. Murfreesboro is the geographic center of TN though and has grown leaps and bounds. If I am not mistaken, the basketball championships are there, so why not football?
  13. This is tough to see. From a Cornersville fan, radio crew perspective, we didn't see it. McEwen didn't bring many for round one, home side packed. Wayne County brought a crowd, home side packed. Huntingdon and Lake County games were packed on both sides. Huntingdon game in the freezing cold and Lake County in a downpour. Whitwell and Cornersville packed the stands in Cookeville. We may have been an exception to the rule. I hate to see a decline in attendance for HS football or any football for that matter. I actually think football will fall as the top sport over the next 10-20 years with the decline in participation in the youth leagues due to a growing fear over concussions and injuries. I'm not sold on cost being a part of the decline. Inflation hits everything, including sports. I think a bigger part is the decline in competition. Coaching, kids waiting longer to get started, kids playing that really have no need in playing and coaches having to play them because they have no option, the list could go on, but bottom line, the sport of football, and really all sports are suffering. Kids today would rather get a job and make money as opposed to playing a sport and many good athletes just don't play because of that. Just my humble opnion.
  14. Thanks! He will be a senior next year. Can't complain. Two silvers in two years. Some HS football players never get that chance in their careers. Would have been nice to get a gold, but there is always next year.
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