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  1. Only way you see Fayetteville is in Cookeville.
  2. It was all that bad junk Forrest had last season that Salem and General brought down to the south end of the county in the middle of the night over the summer.
  3. Long time rivalry game. Cornersville coming off a bye week and tough loss to Fayetteville. Richland much improved. Who ya got?
  4. Will be interesting to see how Fayetteville responds after the loss of a teammate and what they have been dealing with this week. Thought and prayers continue for the family and team.
  5. Yall are slacking. This thread has been going for two weeks and only 51 pages. I really figured it would be at 100 by now. There are two days left. I know you can pull it out and get to 100 by kick off Friday. If not, definitely by the end of the weekend. You got this! All you need is to type hard, physical, and fast! (Really don't care, just bored and wanted to help get it to 100)
  6. I would think so. If both lose 1 game and the common opponent being Summertown, with LC losing and Forrest winning, I would think Forrest still wins the region.
  7. You forgot to mention which ones tune up the band. Or is it orchestrate? Whichever, he could tell you that too.
  8. Prayers from Cornersville. Heard about it earlier, but was driving.
  9. Just found something out that chaps my donkey. Players are going to smack talk on the field. It happens. When players come out of their locker room, at least three of them, with their coach standing there and look at CV PARENTS and say "y'all F-bomb lost". Right in the face of the adult? That's brave, and lucky. If that had been done in front of the wrong one, it could have been bad. Teach the kids better. Not saying ours are perfect because they are not, but I can guarantee one thing, if coach found out our players had done that, it would be bad for that player(s).
  10. Same here. Very gracious. Didn't care much for the outcome, but a great game nonetheless.
  11. They won't. If they do, I may fall over dead.
  12. Pleasure meeting you tonight. Apologies for not being able to talk more. Had a job to do.
  13. ST slide up to the press box and say hi to us red shirts in the box
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