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  1. One thing the causes me great concern for the Lady Wildcats is that Bradley Central crushed Oak Ridge in a preseason scrimmage by about 50 points. I just wish I knew what went wrong in that scrimmage. Good luck to Meigs County this season. I actually live in Hixson / Chattanooga so I will be able to follow them in the Chatt. Times Free Press.
  2. You beat me to it! These Lady Wildcats deserve to have a thread dedicated to them. You are probably right that it will take this team some time to hit their potential. I have complete confidence the Coaching Staff will guide these talented players to a successful season. Tuesday's win was very impressive considering Meigs County won 29 games last season and have many returning players. I hope we can avoid foul trouble but the team played through it tonight. Lady Wildcat scorers ( thanks to David Clary's Twitter account ). Khamari Mitchell-Steen 15 points Bri Dunbar 13 Raja Eckles 6 Taliah Davis 6 Hope Holt 1 Gracie Hearon 2 Selena Pettus 8 Next game: Thursday against the Jennifer (Wilson - 2 time AAA Miss Basketball for Oak Ridge) Galloway coached Lady Hawks of Hardin Valley. Roll Lady Wildcats Roll, RLWR!
  3. I actually knew #14 was going all the way tonight. Mentioning the freshmen and band member was just noise to keep West guessing. I think of all the many ( thousands ? ) of posts made this year about the 2019 Wildcats, Bounder's go to theme of WILDCAT PRIDE sums up the team the best. His wisdom shines through even the darkest of Friday Night Lights. Lady Wildcat Basketball is cooking up something special. Keep an eye out for Prepradio.com on You Tube. David has mentioned they may carry the streaming of games there. WOO HOO! RWR!
  4. Oak Ridge's QB is a junior. The backup QB is a freshmen. The third string QB is in the Marching Band but she has a bazooka for an arm. I expect all three to see the field.
  5. Just watched the Coaches Show from Pizza Inn on You Tube. # 21, SR RB, Tyrell Romano was the guest and he impressed me with his high character, articulation, humor and respect for the Oak Ridge football program and Coach Joe Gaddis. I hope his desire to play college football / pursue music come true. PS This thread was found on Page Six. NEVER let that happen again. We are Oak Ridge and our thread should always be near the top. Beat West, RWR!
  6. No Owls but Lenior City, Rhea, Walker Valley and Soddy make up that 4 team region.
  7. Hear that Dobyns-Bennett, stick that in your pie hole and blow. Thanks Tadvols for the compliment to the WildBand. We are proud of all our student sections. For me, I just love the Cheerleaders' WileyTheWildcat mascot. We be blood. RWR!
  8. I will be there but sitting on the home side. I could barely walk this week because of my diabetes so we're going to take the first open seats we see.
  9. Fulton 21 OR 13 Mitchell long pass to I. Johnson
  10. Daaaaannngggg. pick 6. Fulton 21 Oak Ridge 7
  11. Fulton 14 OR 7 The Voice of the Wildcats says the game is on Facebook Live but I don't know anything about facebook live.
  12. 2 min to go in the first... Fulton 14 Oak Ridge 0
  13. I found nothing on video. There will be replays of the game most likely.
  14. I am not hopeful but I will be searching YouTube at game time for a possible video stream of the OR vs Fulton and Walker Valley vs Soddy-Daisy. As of now, I don't even have audio of WV vs SD. I will post here if I find a video of OR vs FHS. BE WARM AND SAFE TO THOSE AT THE GAME. YOU ARE TRUE WILDCAT FANS!
  15. No idea where Bonkers is. I actually spent three days in the Hospital with complications from Diabetes and am just now trying to get caught up with the CoachT Boards. I hope Bonkers is doing good,just a little busy to come play with us I guess everyone knows if we beat the Falcons we play the loser of Soddy Daisy vs Walker Valley. I can drive to SDHS in 15 minutes and to Cleveland ( Walker Valley ) in 30 minutes. I have seven days to get strong enough to make it to the game. I am making it to the game! GRRRR RWR! BONKERS!!!!!!! WHERE YA AT DUDE? THE WILDCATS NEED YOU!
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