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  1. Fine play word games Waco. I knew you Conspiracy Nut Jobs would right away start laying the ground work to back away from what you say. Trump does it all the time. Usually he just denies what he said and babbles on about the media. The fact he is caught on tape or Twitter saying something means nothing to the Liar & Adulterer - in - Chief. But I will play your game this time: You are on record saying, " He didn't say the virus would go away, he said we'd never hear another word about it. And he s 100% correct. " Please, please, please when on Nov, 4 both CNN and Fox are still talking about the virus don't try and wiggle slime your way out of what you clearly said. Thanks.
  2. I asked my 8 Ball if VP Biden wins will the virus simply go away. The 8 Ball said, " put the crack pipe down and get some rest. "
  3. I believe the coaches will not screw up this season. Best of luck to Central.
  4. The young stud RB at Oak Ridge is JR. Kendall Jackson. Has been offered by UT. Arizona State, the University of Cincinnati and a few others. Kendall has been grinding in the weight room and is a mix of speed and strength.
  5. OAK RIDGE will open with HVA in 20 days. Time for EVERYBODY to start posting again. Get set to make a Prediction for the season...Warning: I picked OR last season to go 10 - 0 and they went 6 - 6. I am gonna be mare practical but still very optimistic in 2020.
  6. I maybe wrong but I believe Oak Ridge City Schools have opened. 4 out of 5 high school students have decided to attend in person. The word on Twitter is that we will play Knoxville Harden Valley Academy as scheduled in 20 days. This would mean Knox County is also open to play the first week. Fingers crossed for a whole season and fingers crossed for the players, coaches, band, cheerleaders, parents and fans. GRIND and RWR!
  7. DB took it to Oak Ridge last year for sure. I see a 10 pt spread this season with either team capable of winning.
  8. I don't act except as a fool sometimes. My post is not a far left wing info fest. Just a guy a little tired being opinionated.
  9. Those two rules don't apply on my favorite thread for me. I try and keep the discussion on the players. On this tread it appears to be a free for all where you can get your freak on. Barney do you see anyway OR and Maryville could play this season. Say, Knox County decides to start the season late and that leaves OR open on Week One and Three. Normally, I don't want to mess with Maryville but things are so crazy might as well mess with the Big Red Dog.
  10. The problem I have with you is you are unable to read others opinions and respect what they say. I clearly said my Masters degree does not make me an expert on the virus. You fire back with the question, " Does your master's degree make you better qualified than me to discuss these things. " Clearly the answer to your question is no and I had already said that. Jeez. You are a sensitive FAR RIGHT WING APOLOGIST for all the mistakes trump has made concerning the virus. Dr. Fauci is VERY WELL RESPECTED by the MAJORITY of Americans. He is more liked than trump by far. You must attack the good Doctor to keep him from exposing trump's many LIES. You can stop trying to BS me with stats that you twist to make you sound intelligent and "right." The virus is no joke. 150,000 dead is no joke. Pretending masks are a joke is a deadly hoax that have caused lives to be lost. I will keep Social Distancing, wearing a mask out of respect for my fellow man and helping a local school open as safely as possible. It is not much but I do what I can do when I can do. GRIND RWR!
  11. Nole, I hope you know I have an abundance of respect for you. Your post makes a lot of sense. RWR!
  12. What college degrees did you obtain? That is part of the "facts" you want me to believe. To b fair to you I will reveal my highest college degree...Masters in Early Childhood Education. My degree does not make me an expert in the topic we are discussing. Dr. Fauci is however.
  13. I like what you say here osunut2. You seem to be using Common Sense. My opinion there are two groups on the T. The Common sense side and the Conspiracy side. The Common sense side sees a fluidity in the struggle to fight the virus and admits when the results of Scientific Research calls for adjustment in the fight. The Conspiracy side make up "facts" and when needed make up different "facts" to avoid dealing with reality. Just a random opinion not directed at anyone. To be honest, I have lost the ability to recall who said what.
  14. This is weird but one day Tee Higgins and Kendall Jackson could be roommates. Today, Tee signed his Bengal contract. Also today, Kendall Jackson was offered a scholarship to the University of Cincinnati.
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