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  1. If you had to play for Oak Ridge to post on CoachT.com then have at it. i can post on Twitter and Facebook and have just as much fun as on here. RWR! Time to slay the Dragon Week.
  2. The team doesn't need excuses made for them. They work hard and that is enough for me. The coaches work hard and that is enough for me.
  3. This is not directed at Bonkers because just about everybody has been saying the same thing about the Offense. I don't say you all are wrong but I see it a little differently.... The Offense, except the line, is mostly new this season. Very little experience on Friday nights. This has caused them to be off and on from week to week. They had put two weeks of good football together against CCHS and FHS but WEST is a beast on Defense. I hope to see OR go back to improving on Offense this week. My hope is when the season is over we will see that from Week One to Week ?, the O showed improvement.
  4. Hey SS, They don't call me the Brain on CoachT for nothing! I be all, know all, see all and have never been wrong on CoachT. If you don't believe me.....just ask me.
  5. Oak Ridge fought hard for as long as they could but West wore them down. This season is not over by a long shot. We can and should finish third in the Region and then who knows what will happen. Heck of a lot of work to be done but if they Cats want to do it good things can still happen. RWR!
  6. At the Half... West 14 Oak Ridge 0 West will get the ball first in the second half. I am very concerned but if Oak Ridge can stick together and play for each other we have a shot.
  7. Offense needs to move the ball because the D has been on the field too much. Kendall picks up a first down. West jumps offsides. Ball on the OR 35. Wildcat holding now 1st and 15 yards to go. Pass to Johnson for a first down on a 3rd and 14 play. Pass to Johnson for 5 yards. End of the First....Wildcats have got this! RWR! Still 0 - 0
  8. Still in the first...OR holding their own on defense...West picking up penalties like Farragut last week...Wildcat offense still struggling Under 4 minutes 0 - 0
  9. Looks like no BBBTV12 streaming. I am teed off big time. I will keep looking for the game but for now I recommend prepradio.com to listen to the game. Game has not started yet...scoreboard issue.
  10. I can't be positive about this but tonight's game against West maybe streamed on bbbtv12.com. Using my Fire Stick, I can get the game on my big screen. If you live in OR and can, go to the Ship. If you live out of town, I hope you get the game from bbbtv12.com.
  11. Maryville, Don't get too cocky this week. Idle High has a 300 pound RB who runs a 4.4 40. Their line is small but quick. OL average weight is 127 pounds but pack a big stick. Literally, they play with a big stick in their hands. I am pulling for the Rebels....prediction Rebels 134 Idle 63
  12. Boyfromsi, Can you tell me if Casen Jenkins played for Robertsville tonight? As you probably know, I have been following him on Twitter and hope he grows up to be a great player. Also, good luck this week picking games. You are doing great. I'm in for a world of hurt on the Big Ones this week. Most of the teams I picked are decidedly underdogs. My worst pick is Baylor (I had to pick them cuz I live in Chattanooga) over Ensworth. I think only 9.2 % are picking Baylor. Hard to believe but around 2002, I finished second in the contest. I believe I did good then because I had just moved from Oak Ridge and still knew a lot about the teams in Upper East Tennessee and Knoxville. Plus, I devoured everything I could about Southeast Tennessee. Now, I basically spend my time just trying to follow Oak Ridge. RWR, You got this Wildcats! OAK RIDGE 28 West 21 OVERTIME!
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