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  1. I wonder what school this kid is from. Lol I love the fact everyone hates us.
  2. Lost link for YouTube stream can some one post it please.
  3. Over 30 for me. Just saw Coach Clint when we scrimmaged Hartsville 7 weeks ago. Hadn’t seen him in over 20 years and it was like we talked everyday. Such a great family.
  4. Love your name. He was such a wise man.
  5. Carlisle and Macon put it on us at our house last year. This isn’t a regional game but I believe the boys remember last year 35-0 Portland.
  6. I have been watching Portland football for 4 years and absolutely nothing even close to that happens here. The fight that people are talking about that had not one punch Thrown or landed. It wasn’t the head coach for Portland that got into a screaming match with a wh coach. 2 assistance one from each team were mouthing at each other. The principal was trying to stay in middle of them. Just boys being boys. The fans running on field probably wasn’t a good thing. There was a ton of social media banter for 7 days leading to the game and I think the Panther Club which is all student got excited and wanted to be with the players so they rushed the field. I’m not making excuses but these kids and this town hasn’t had any success in a long time. This group of seniors had I think 5 or 6 wins in 3 years coming into this season so there has been a lot of excitement.
  7. Video quality is better than 60 percent of the hudl videos I have watched for 4 years.
  8. SteelCity how are u guys going to do against Whitwell. I remember back in 91 when Whitwell come to creak bank for homecoming. Wow they were good.
  9. That sucks. I just realized the WH week for you guys that you guys had a You tube live feed. My son said well we will get Hudl video of SH Saturday morning. I told him son I have already seen enough to know how good they are. Lol
  10. I will be watching the you tube feed of this game sitting in the stands at Macon County.
  11. My scare right now as Portland fan is that Mc and us are both WH from last year. Our best win and probably only good win was against WH. Wins over GB,Heritage and west creek mean nothing. SH only team in conf that had played any real competition.
  12. I agree with that. White House beat a 2-8 horrible Portland football team 6-0. There only score was on a punt return.
  13. We didn’t make the playoffs last year how were those teams. My friend son played for gb and said they were very athletic. Gb played them real close. Didn’t the 4 seed beat WH?
  14. Ah ok. I was thinking this was his predictions sorry for being stupid. Lol
  15. Getting close to being able to look ahead and see who plays each other in rd 1. Just asking why is the 7-0 team ranked 2nd I’m guessing a much easier schedule?
  16. I watched the Kenwood game and they kept trying to just run outside the problem with Springfield is there passing game. Unless MC pass d has got a lot better I don’t think they can slow down fat cat and company.
  17. Wow that was very good brian 2000. He is right we grind and we play 4 to 5 wings and 3 fbs. #26 is the brusier man what a football player he is. He played a little last night hopefully he will be fully healthy for SH game.
  18. Springfield will face 2 monsters at fb in back to back weeks. Kevin your anylasis is spot on for sure. We played horrible that night and the bus showed up late but they forced us into 6 turnovers and 3 or 4 of them in the red zone. End of the day MC has a very good football team and beat out butts that night. We don’t have athletes like you guys do.I wish our bye was this week to go and watch.
  19. Portland doesn’t have a playoff spot locked up yet. 0-2 vs 2 very good teams Creekwood and SH and we could be out of the playoffs if things fell that way.There is a ton of great games left in this district. WH still plays Mc and Creekwood, Springfield still plays Mc and Portland, Creekwood also has Portland.
  20. I will agree with Awesome MC pass D is sub par but they have a really good run d. Portland couldn’t get them out of 9 in the box because we struggle throwing the ball. Mc runs the veer on offense and they run it very well. I don’t remember them passing much against us. I watched the Springfield WH game film and wow you guys have a lot of athletes. It isn’t just the fat cat show. If Springfield doesn’t turn the ball over I just don’t think MC will be able to slow them down. Sh 35 Mc 20
  21. The WH coaches didn’t like Panther Pride coming on to the field after the game. My son said one of the WH coaches got into a Portland fans face trying to push him. Then Portland’s coach and that coach started screaming at each other.
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