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  1. Tickets will be sold at the gate. No restrictions in Monroe County.
  2. So far it's business as usual. Our schools have been conditioning since May. 7 on 7s in July. TSSAA hasn't said any different.
  3. Definetely didn't "struggle" with Polk Gave them short fields on turnovers (inside the 10) in 1st half. Dominated the 2nd half by simply holding onto the ball . Central's terrible 1-9 team beat Bledsoe last year and would do the same this season.
  4. Yeah. That Grundy team they beat 14-12 is a POWERHOUSE!!! And Tellico is down several starters. As their roster is right now, Bledsoe 45 Tellico 6.
  5. Sorry, I have been waiting on a return call. He is doing ok. I don't know much after that. Just know it isnt as bad as they thought.
  6. Prayers for the young man injured in Central's JV game. #3 Freshman. Lifestar flying him out to UTK
  7. It took Fitzgerald time to build Meigs up. They were pretty bad. Give Davis time. He's the best Central can get!
  8. Turnovers have been the story of the season. It kept Tellico and Polk in the game and handed Sweetwater the game. On the 3yd line at Meigs....etc. They're in the toughest 3 game stretch of the schedule with all undefeated state ranked teams. They have injuries piling up. Starting OT, 2 starting linebackers, and a starter at corner. Effort is there but the kids seem to be mentally weak. They let things snowball. They lift weights regularly. They watch film on all the teams and are consistently well prepared. They are also weak physically. Other teams are stronger. All fixable over time. Season is not over. 3 winnable games left and playoff potential.
  9. Sure is quiet in here. Ledford is the man. 19 carries for 287 4 tds and 2 rec 68yds 1 td Derrick 9 carries 107 2 tds
  10. So you're lumping Central in there with Copper Basin/Hayesville? Just curious
  11. Got in the red zone twice against Sweetwater. 2 fumbles. Snap infraction on a 4th and inches down 7-2 in the 4th quarter and driving. Got in the red zone 5 times against Tellico and came away with only 14 points. You're right. They have got to quit beating Central and trying to beat the opponent.
  12. Loudon did the same thing after 2014.(2015 they were 2-9 and 2016 they were 1-9 and last year 3-8)....it happens everywhere.
  13. Will have to clean up mistakes to win this one. Davis will have them ready. Chargers 20 Sweetwater 18
  14. There's no rivalry recovery. Didn't play hard enough to get hurt. Only played a half. Tellico is a good team and might challenge for their region. Central can't play like they did Friday. OL and DL must get it together or they'll lose this game. Sequoyah is awful and would have trouble beating their own middle school, however, Tellico plays as a team. This may come down to 2nd half and Tellico running out of gas. They don't have many players and they play iron man football. That's the difference in this one but if Tellico jumps out to a large lead or they stay close in 4th, they'll win this one. #1 and #4 will have a field day if the Chargers dont get tough. Good luck Bears we will see you Friday for what should be a great game.
  15. They've improved. Returned all but 2 starters and added several new faces. New coach, new scheme. They've improved enough to win 4-5 games and should beat Tellico
  16. Nobody knows who has what right now. Sequoyah lost ALOT off that team. No where close to being the same. Surely you don't believe that Sequoyah is as good as they were last season?
  17. Pretty good predictions. Sequoyah is terrible though. It's still like a game 1 this week because you can't guage either team based off the week 0 performance. Sequoyah will be 0-10. McMinn will be 4-6.
  18. Tellico coming in confident. This one might be a tough one. Thoughts? I'll say Central 27 Tellico 14
  19. The deal was McMinn would pay CHS 10,000/yr to play them at McMinn btw.
  20. As I alluded to in my OP. Central was forced to play this game so they said fine but y'all are coming to Central. Radiocharger, the last time McMinn came and Central beat them people complained that it wasn't fair that Central didn't have comparable facilities with McMinn. They planned renovations but that was halted for soccer and softball facilities. Some money went to elementary basketball gym seating etc and the leftover $ built the band a nice concession stand. Nothing but a press box for football. It's a nice one but well short of the original plans. Maybe people will complain and they'll build central sonething nice or they'll let Central play schools their own size. Other than that, its what they have and they appreciate it. They're proud of it as well. I don't understand why the community can't be either. We're on the wrong side of the creek for anything nice. I have heard that Coach Davis has spent on these boys and that's awesome! For kicks and giggles. The plans that were rumored: New press box both sides Extended seating walkthrough entrances like McMinn. New office/locker space Extended visitor seating/lockers Finally, new field and practice field Over 6 year period. Maybe one day!
  21. McMinn losing to Walker Valley 14-0 gives some hope that they can hang longer than a half. Don't understand how Walker Valley can stop them. They run the ball well and Walker Valley struggles up front. Had a hard time stopping Central (a terrible 3a school). Yet they stopped a solid 6a school? Crazy. However, Central didn't play well against Sweetwater either so Idk. They play alot of guys both ways as well now. It's an embarrassment that McMinn only fields 65 total kids in a school that size. I still say close first half, Central does lose steam and McMinn pulls away. It's just hard to judge right now. Let Central stick around late and McMinn could lose it.
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