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  1. I'm unsure if you are referring to me here, but I'll bite. I have never said anything negative about Gallatin, quite the opposite actually. I actually said there is a ton of interest in the job, and I said that knowing it as fact, not as a guess or an opinion. I honestly hope they make a great hire.. I was just passing along information on Trey Perry, which was all factual. Trust me, I was close to becoming a Green Wave fan just the same as the rest of you. Now I'm just along for the ride to see who is hired.
  2. It’s just my impression that he was, and he should have been. Credit to Gallatin, they put the full court press on, but he didn’t take it in the end. It makes you wonder why a school would do everything in their power, and even more than they thought they could to begin with, to hire a coach that rides the coattails of his strength coach and defensive coordinator and deserves zero credit for his teams recent success. I’m happy he’s staying at Mt. Juliet because it’s my alma mater, but it would’ve been hilarious to watch him win big at Gallatin and see if certain posters hung around.
  3. Hopefully plan B is a good one. Good luck on the hire.
  4. I’ll say this, if there was no interest in what is going to happen with the Gallatin head coaching position then there wouldn’t be a thread on a high school message board that’s 52 pages long about the opening. There is interest among coaches and fans alike.
  5. You did strike a nerve, not with Trey Perry, but with me. He couldn’t care less what anyone on this board has to say.. No one is trying to take credit for anything. There is a lot of credit to go around for how good Mt. Juliet’s defense is.. It starts with Perry. Abner deserves a ton of credit as well, as does the entire defensive staff. The problem was you saying that the head coach, that played defensive back in college and was a defensive coach his entire life before becoming a head coach deserved no credit for having one of the two best defenses in the state of Tennessee and that he just rode the coattails of his strength coach and defensive coordinator. It’s an absurd claim.
  6. Allow me to straighten some things out. First things first, applying and interviewing for a new head coaching job does not mean that you necessarily want the job, it means you want more information on the job and are considering the possibility. That’s exactly what Trey Perry has done the last two seasons, on both occasions he decided on his own accord to not pursue the opportunities for different reasons. He is not “desperately trying to get out of Mt. Juliet”.. He is keeping his options open because of all the uncertainty around the new schools, which opens after next season. He could still be at Mt. Juliet for years to come after it opens, he may be somewhere else. Let’s move on to this notion of him needing to take Grah and Abner with him or else be exposed.. Curia Grah is, in my opinion, the best strength coach in the state of Tennessee. He is pivotal to Mt. Juliet’s success, and I would be shocked if he did not go with Perry to any job that he may take. Mt. Juliet is home for Grah, true, but Grah’s relationship with Perry is stronger than his bond to his high school. As for Abner, he calls the defensive plays but that doesn’t mean that this is his defense. This is the same defense that Perry had implemented when he was DC under his father. This is the same defense he was running in his first few years as head coach, before Abner, when he was yelling the opposing plays to his players before the play and they still couldn’t stop it. The difference isn’t Abner, it’s that Mt. Juliet went through a down period in talent and now has players capable of making defensive checks on the field. They do as much of the play calling as Abner does. I’m not taking anything away from Abner, I love the guy and think he’s a great defensive mind. But this is Trey Perry’s defense and Trey Perry’s football team. Plain and simple. Now, one last thing, if you think Reggie Grimes was underutilized because some guys at 247 and Rivals recognized he was a combine freak athlete and ranked him a top 50 “player” in the country then I suggest you turn on some tape and their team and tell me who they should have taken carries away from to give them to Grimes? Grimes was at best, the 7th best option running the ball for Mt. Juliet. He has excellent straight line speed and little else as a runner. He will never touch the ball on offense in college. This staff tried him at wing back, they tried him at fullback, they tried to find an area on offense where he could help them. It wasn’t to be. And that’s all I’m going to say on that. Grimes can be a really great defensive football player in college, but the outsiders saying that he was underutilized on offense while knowing absolutely nothing about Mt. Juliet football is completely tired. Go to the stadium and watch the games.
  7. GWAVE, do you have a plus membership?

  8. Greenwave, do you have a plus membership?

  9. A lot of both. Curtis Grah is one of the best strength coaches in the state of Tennessee and that isn't up for debate.
  10. It is likely that Mt. Juliet will drop down to 5A when the new school opens up. As of right now, it isn't 100% confirmed exactly how it will effect them. It could potentially effect them a great deal, though. A lot of Mt. Juliet's talent is pulled from that part of town, which now looks to be zoned for the new high school. Unless they implement open zoning, MJ will take a talent hit. The question will be, how big of a talent hit will it be right away? It all depends on the stipulations. I think there is a good chance that the talent hit will not be enough to effect their wins/losses very much considering the drop to 5A. Mt. Juliet would win the 5A State Championship this season, even losing some talent, I would expect them to be one of the consistent favorites in whichever region they are placed in. If Wilson County were to implement open zoning, which seems unlikely, then they will be handing Mt. Juliet a 5A State Championship in the near future.
  11. Mt. Juliet has Blackman on the regular season schedule for 2019. And they reached out to many other schools about regular season games as well and were turned down. People can say what they want about Mt. Juliet and their schedule, but not many teams want to play them right now.
  12. The city of Mt. Juliet, their coaching staff, and their football team are fired up for this football game. I personally can not wait for Friday night. This is obviously the biggest challenge Mt. Juliet has faced all season, by a wide margin, and I think the element of the unknown is refreshing for a lot of people coming into this game. Mt. Juliet always has one of the best fan bases in Middle Tennessee football and I expect to see the best home atmosphere Mt. Juliet has had in years on Friday night. Hopefully the rain holds off and we get to see a close and exciting football game.
  13. Re: "Lost our starting QB for the season our last preseason scrimmage" What are you talking about here? Alvin Mixon was always going to be the starting quarterback for Mt. Juliet this season. Are you maybe referring to Jorie Green? If so, he was clearly the backup quarterback and it wasn't close. His condition has not hampered Mt. Juliet on the field even in the least this season.
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