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  1. How does everyone in Clarksville look so far? RHS- lost a lot from last year and are very young. NE- New Coach and Has a very talented senior class. NW- New Coach, how will they do? WC- Can only be better then last year. KW- New coach and looked like they had a lot of talent in the spring. CHS- Has a talented o line but do they have any skill this year? MCHS- lost a lot last year, can they reload? CA- New coach this year, how will they do?
  2. Kenwood hired a guy from east tn. Also CA hired their DC as their new coach. How did everyone look this spring?
  3. I don’t know much about him, but I did not hear great things about him at NW. But watching NW play last year they seemed very undisciplined.
  4. Any word on who might take the job this close to spring ball? Who does everyone play this spring?
  5. If they did it was only once and I don’t think they won any playoff games.
  6. I’ve been around Montgomery County football a long time, so I know enough to get by. But if your a Rossview guy trust me they are much better off with Hood there. I would like to see all the schools in the county do good, but that starts with good coaches.
  7. I’m just saying back then a 5a Rossview team had no business losing to a not so great central team back then. If he was good at Rossview he would still be there.
  8. I sure hope they are not talking about the old Rossview Head Coach. That guy could not even beat Central when he coached at Rossview. He’s a coach the bounces around every where though. Plus I’m sure if he goes there, he will have his eye on being the HC in the future.
  9. Hopefully he can find a good OC and DC. NE lost a lot last year but they still have a lot of talent left. Ex hawk?
  10. I don’t know why they would wait this long to announce this, but thats cmcss for you. Coach Clark will do a good job and I’m sure they will compete for a playoff spot this year.
  11. I still have not heard anything about the NE opening, but spring is fast approaching. NE has a lot of skill players coming back, but they lost most of thier line on both sides of the ball. If NE gets a good coach that can get a good line together they can compete with Dyer and Chs for a playoff spot. CHS lost thier QB and Some other skill but I heard most of thier line is coming back, so they should compete for the region.
  12. There was a lot of talent in Clarksville last year. Any chance anyone competes with Henry county for the region next year, with NE and NW getting a new coach’s? Will Central, CA, or Rossview compete for thier regions?
  13. The local news said CA had 4, but NE had the Qb as a PWO at TSU, they had a LB and RB commit as PWO at UT. Plus a few lineman and others commit to some small colleges. I’m surprised Kenwood did not have any one to sign.
  14. So far the local news only covered CA signing day, who else signed in Clarksville? Any news on who else applied at NE?
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