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  1. Trapp was there then too... I don't know the exact scores... I think in 2008 it was close vs White House, 2009 was close for a bit but then Maplewood pulled away, 2012, was close until LA pulled away in the late stages of the game...
  2. Been to the 2nd round 3 times... 2008, 2009, 2012
  3. So basically the whole team is playing well... or are they? I don't follow... You've named off all these players but there are players who aren't playing that are better than the ones that play? I don't understand...
  4. So the night before the game all of the "best players on the team" are hurt? Nice troll job... Is this you trying to be funny or preparing an excuse?
  5. I actually agree with you on one thing, 5-5 or 6-4 is a very attainable record... My question is, what happens IF they lose this weekend? I don't think it will be close but what IF?
  6. Here he is, Dekalb wins and he is praising the coaches and talking about the high powered offense. They lose and he says they got outcoached. Which one is it? I agree with you though, this probably won't be much of a game. Looking at the rest of the schedule Dekalb shouldn't lose but maybe one more game
  7. What usually causes missed tackles? Speed plays a big factor in causing missed tackles, as well as bad technique. I don't quite understand you, one minute you are praising them for how good and athletic they are and the next you are blasting the team for quitting, etc... I'm not sure of too many people from DeKalb County who have went to play college football nevertheless went D1 and played at UTC... (there have been a few especially in recent years) he must have moved in from somewhere else. Also, if he has been a scout he must know a lot about football, so why doesn't he get off here and offer to help coach. Unless he is a coach, in which he is on here anonymously taking shots...
  8. This should be a really good game... Complete Toss up... According to the HellIdontknow the speed is DeKalbs biggest factor... so Watertown's speed shouldn't be an issue right?
  9. I'll have to say I admire your dedication... You're either a superfan or your just trying to be funny... either way, please explain what 6 games they can now win?
  10. That person has disappeared... Where are you Hellidontknow??? This will be an interesting game to keep up with. How do the Tigers respond after a tough road loss?
  11. Thanks for the input... It sounds like you guys are anxious to see a change in the program. I will agree with the one post about the historical record of DeKalb County football (it isn't very good) so quite possibly a lot of people are "OK" with the direction of the team. I just wonder if there is anyone in the school system that feels the same way (administration, school board, higher ups, etc...) I didn't know Hunter Poteete coached football, I have heard that Justin is doing very well at the Middle School and don't know much about the other guy. Again thanks for your thoughts, just was curious as to what was going on with the football program, according to one guy I have seen on here they're young and have a lot coming up... guess we will see
  12. I see you have both coaches on the hot seat, what makes you think they’re on the hot seat? Also I have seen you mention a couple of names to take over... why would these people do any better of a job than what is currently there? As far as SC is concerned didn’t they win the region or come close last year? Why would there be a hot seat there?
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