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  1. Deschumps. Survived all three head coach door names. 2 first downs against franklin last year. phillips was wanting to come to us last year mid season. martin is coach in name only, brown and deschamp rule and until they are gone, you are the wiseman. smith, malone, johnson, sutherlands, etc, not including the ones that don't care to even play because of him. player talent is there.
  2. Close enough to know when #2_ talking to cc about transfer week before backyard bowl, SHHS has a big problem. Players say dechump is the problem. He and brown survived all head coaches. CA rid themselves of some incompetence. The players at SH deserve better. Too much talent at the school. best thing since no one really cares about the players, is to let football go, and co-op with cc or MtP. middles school has plenty of community support. don't blame community when you don't correct the problem. Martin isn't that guy apparently. Players leaving, and more ready to roll on. show them all the rings you want, they just want their own. Shaq has plenty, J harris too.
  3. http://nashvillechristiansports.com/2010/04/jeff-brothers-takes-job-at-nashville-christian/
  4. they say the guy escorted out was telling OC that his play calling sucked. to the coach that seems to outlast them all and is the problem. don't think that applies to that kid specifically, but the team. johnson is linebacker. he tore us up last year, hurt several players while running the ball. SHHS need to clean house. parents i know loved emmons, go figure
  5. johnson is the best back over there, was leading rusher in 2020 class. #23 may be faster, but not the wear them down attack back like johnson. as far a page line, last year was not very strong. johnson's yac is unreal, watch is film. he carries players for yards and breaks tackles time after time. proven record, even against sh as one mentions above. the fastest back spring hill had, smiths younger brother, transfer centennial couple weeks ago. scoring touchdowns. not at sh he wasn't. johnson is leading district in tackles, so from leading rusher to leading in tackles, speaks for itself. he's a beast. coaching is the problem.
  6. lioninwait


    Wait, was it not Ben Martin that put this program on the map as AD and football coach? that is what he tells spring hill
  7. there is one coach that remains and is a liar and also a thief. talk about promises and breaking them. He thinks he knows all, but players constantly laughing at his ignorance and his pompous self. there a several players talking of leaving still in season, more at end of school. Players have lost all respect of these coaches. Supposedly the coaches met last year after games to plan emmons removal. One coach who is the biggest problem is in on the coaching choice/hire. 3 head coaching changes, and the big problem remains. show us where martin did anything at NCS.
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