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  1. Averie O'daniel might be an acl she will get it checked out to know for sure this week
  2. Great win and great bounce back. Huntingdon couldnt figure out yalls defensive pressure all night. Madison did a great job taking Lillie Kee out of the game and GC's zone prevented Sophie Singleton driving to the basket. Great game plan and huge district win for y'all.
  3. I think Huntingdon will.. that's if Lillie Kee or Sophie singleton gets a touch each possession. Sophie Singleton matches up well with Madison Hart, but I think Huntingdon's guards are outmatched.
  4. Great win last night against a scrappy Gleason ball club 70 to 60. Davis with 21 with 4 others in double figures. Carrington Lifsey had a nice game with 22 but when Anderson went out with 4 fouls in the 3rd quarter that was it for Gleason. Not sure why their big post didn't play the second half for Gleason ( she wasn't injured or anything). Impressive win by our girls. Got another big game on Thursday against TCA.
  5. Big win today over 4a Clarksville 63 to 50. Savannah Davis 25 points today and good balance throughout the supporting cast. Back at it again tomorrow against Stewart County.
  6. When I saw that Henry county score I was like no way... Henry county is better then most thought, their Gleason win looks even more impressive now. We play them next Monday at their place really looking forward to that game.
  7. Sorry been mia today.. crazy day at work. My biggest question was why did we press for the either 4 quarters with only six players? Our girls just completely ran out of gas in the 4th quarter, which led to a lot of missed shots and turnovers. Our players and coaching staff will learn from this and work to get better. On the bright side I am very proud of our girls for competing hard and battling back after being down double digits in the first half. Both teams were very physical with each other which was expected and in the end GC just out played us.
  8. we put 83 on the board tonight without the starters playing the last 4 minutes of the 3rd and entire 4th quarter. I think the game will be in the high 60's to low 70's as well.
  9. I forgot about Pickett County, we have a girl at Bethel that starred there, really good program. Hearing good things about Clarkrange even after the twins graduated. Haven't caught film on Clay County but saw Wayne county play Summertown earlier this year. Baugus for Wayne is a player and very aggressive, also some very high basketball IQ guards on that team. Houston County in our district will be a challenge.
  10. games to watch this week in single A: Summertown at Fayetteville (Monday) McKenzie at Gibson county (Tuesday) van buren county at Clarkrange (Tuesday) Scotts Hill at west Carroll (Tuesday) clay county at york institute (Thursday) Pickett County at Livingston Academy (Thursday) Houston County at Stewart County (Friday) Huntingdon at McKenzie (Friday)
  11. The thing with us is that our offense is drive and kick and pass and cut. We have played great defensive teams such as Greenfield and Union City and they were unable to stop the drive. But Gibson county will be the best all around team we have played so far. Post play is my obvious concern Tuesday and defending Madison will be the toughest tasks for me personally. We have played two quality posts so far in Lillie kee and Sophie Singleton and we did a decent job defending those two, but Madison Hart is another level (especially given her improvement shooting the 3 and driving to the basket). Of course we have a short bench and staying out of foul trouble will be a must. On the other side Gibson County must do like you said and be to able to keep us in front defensively which will be a tough task but I think yall have the guard play and are disciplined enough to be able to do that. The team that doesn't turn the ball over the most will win the game. my rankings so far in single A: 1. McKenzie 2. Clay county 3. Clarkrange 4. Wayne county 5. Gleason 6. Houston County
  12. Heavy favorite? it be will a lot closer ball game than you think. We have one of the best players in class A who is surrounded by quick feisty guards that love to turn teams over. Remember We beat Gibson county at GC last year 63 to 60. Our girls are fired up to play this game and it has been circled on the schedule before the season started. It will be a fast paced high scoring game. Our last two games we have scored 76 and 63 points. The lady rebels average 62 points a game while we are giving up 40 points a game. Gibson county and McKenzie are two top dogs in the area right now and it will be a great matchup.
  13. I think Gleason needs to be put in the conversion in being one of the top teams in West TN. Alayna Anderson and Carrington Lifsey are playing red hot for them right now and they are dominating every team on their schedule. I will say this about McKenzie... yes we don't have a true post and yes our bench is very thin, but we make up our size difference with speed and smarts. We force a lot of steals and will press you to death for 4 full quarters. The supporting cast around Savannah Davis has played well and those girls are scoring at a more efficient clip than last year. Big game against Henry County this Friday for both of our squads.
  14. McKenzie picks up the win over the Huntingdon Fillies tonight 76 to 55. Briley Auvenshine 19 and Katie Chesser 14 to lead a balanced scoring attack for the lady rebels.
  15. McKenzie 41 South Pitt 28 (Revenge game!) Westview 35 Hampton 20
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