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  1. ROUND 4 CLASS 1A EAST Cloudland vs South Pittsburg WEST McKenzie vs Peabody CLASS 2A EAST Hampton vs Trousdale County WEST Decatur County Riverside vs Westview
  2. K. sneed. Family moved to Lebanon. Don't know if she is playing there or not?
  3. Posted 1 hour ago 1A EAST Cloudland vs Coalfield South Pittsburg vs Gordonsville 1A WEST Fayetteville vs McKenzie Peabody vs Lake County 2A EAST Oneida vs Hampton Watertown vs Trousdale County 2A WEST Forrest vs Decatur County Riverside Westview vs MAHS
  4. Round 2 CLASS 1A QUAD 1 Cloudland vs Oakdale Coalfield vs Midway QUAD 2 South Pittsburg vs Clay County Gordonsville vs Jo Byrns QUAD 3 Fayetteville vs Dresden McKenzie vs Conersville QUAD 4 Peabody vs West Carroll Lake County vs Humboldt CLASS 2A QUAD 1 South Greene vs Oneida Rockwood vs Hampton QUAD 2 Meigs County vs Trousdale County Watertown vs Marion County QUAD 3 Forrest vs Lewis County Decatur County Riverside vs Summertown QUAD 4 Westview vs Fairley MAHS vs Huntingdon
  5. + CLASS 1A QUAD 1 Cloudland vs Greenback Oakdale vs Jellico Unaka vs Midway Coalfield vs North Greene QUAD 2 South Pittsburg vs Red Boiling Springs Clay County vs Sale Creek Whitwell vs Jo Byrns Gordonsville vs Copper Basin QUAD 3 Fayetteville vs Gleason Dresden vs Eagleville Cornersville vs McEwen McKenzie vs Moore County QUAD 4 Peabody vs MASE Booker T Washington vs West Carroll Lake County vs Bluff City Memphis Middle College vs Humboldt CLASS 2A QUAD 1 South Greene vs York Institute Oneida vs Cumberland Gap Hampton vs Monterey Rockwood vs Happy Valley QUAD 2 Meigs County vs East Roberson Trousdale County vs Tyner Academy Marion County vs Westmoreland Watertown vs Bledsoe County QUAD 3 Forrest vs Adamsville Lewis County vs Cascade Summertown vs East Hickman Decatur County Riverside vs Loretto QUAD 4 Westview vs Freedom Prep Fairley vs union city Huntingdon vs Mitchell MAHS vs Camden
  6. For McKenzie.... definitely Huntingdon! some notable ones in past years and current are Dresden, West Carroll and Trenton
  7. I agree with 6-4 or maybe even 7-3. Yall have a really tough schedule and I would be totally satisfied with a 6-4 record or better.
  8. McKenzie beat McNairy don't remember the score exactly, wasn't close. McKenzie moved the ball really well all night. Excited for this season!
  9. McKenzie played a great game yesterday. They were really scrappy and fought to the end. Cant wait for next season.
  10. on Vol Nation, multiple people said that her family are Bama fans, so this is not a surprise. Belmont and Alabama were her first offers. Kellie Harper did recruit her but in the end Karly saw herself being at Alabama. The way that the transfer portal is dominating the college basketball scene, who knows? She may transfer after 1 or 2 years..... you never know
  11. wow.. yes Greenfields press caused them problems the whole game and North Greene had no answer for Chloe.
  12. Thats true. I wonder if they still have their post player from last year? She made some pretty good plays against Greenfield last year and pretty athletic at the 5.
  13. Gotcha. Know they have a great boys program too as Bethel's best player this past year graduated from there. How is yalls first round matchup looking?
  14. I will say this... When we had a long layoff between the regular season and district tournament, we were calling teams left and right trying to schedule a game. Since Greenfield played Arlington in the past, we reached out to coach shields to see if she wanted to play us. She was very complementary on our program and knew that we had a good team. The game was well played and everyone was on their best behavior. Both teams had great sportsmanship and even picked each opposing player up when they were down. After the game some of the players parents and fans went up to her and thanked her for a great game and we were very thankful that they drove 2 hours to play us on a school night. In turn she was very proud of our programs success and wished us luck in the postseason. Coach Shields is a great coach and she has a great relationship with her girls( even working with some one on one in the offseason). Her Facebook page is filled with positive energy and just her team having fun either in practice or during games. Its very unfortunate that this mess has happened to the Arlington and I hate it for her players.
  15. I wonder how the Peabody/ Clay County matchup will go. Know a lot about Peabody but not much about Clay County....
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