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  1. Huntingdon should be back in the mix. They were a young team this year and with Kaci Fuller back at 100% they are a dangerous team. The Fillies don't lose a starter and they mad about how their season ended. Dresden should compete better as they only lose starter, and gain more depth (they had 7 players last year). Expect the lady lions to challenge for the top spot in Region 7.
  2. Watched some flim on UH today. This team will look very similar to the Summertown team that we faced in the region semis. Everyone on the floor can knock down the 3 and they are very patient on the offensive end. We are have to stay disciplined on the defensive end, close out on shooters, and not pick up ticky tack fouls. I think McKenzie has the advantage because we have athletic guards and a big man in the middle that not many teams can guard. Rebels should win by 5 to 10 points.
  3. McKenzie loses only one starter and get a group of 5 eighth graders that went undefeated in middle school ball. Huntingdon gets there starters back as well. Should be a more competitive battle between the lady rebels and the fillies for the top spot in 11A.
  4. I will second this!! The youth of Summertown and Loretto may take its toll tomorrow. Greenfield and Gibson County are veteran experienced players that know how to win tough games. Again Summertown and Loretto did not wow me when I watched them.
  5. Ok I am picking the West's games because I don't know anything about the other games. Columbia Academy over Loretto: I have seen CA once at McKenzie and to me they looked like a legitimate state contender. Very fast team and great shooters. Loretto has a big kid in James that is great athlete and a PG that is a lights out shooter. I think this is a close game but CA gets the edge. McKenzie over East Robertson: McKenzie is a quick and athletic team, where all five starters can hit the three. Will be a sold out crowd at Bethel. McKenzie is a very underrated team in Class A. Humboldt over MAHS: Humboldt has all the pieces that a great team should have. Quick athletic guards and a big stout front line. Humboldt is a very tough place to win at especially in the postseason. Manassas over Peabody: This game will be a lot closer than people think it will be. Peabody has played Humboldt very well this season. They have a Mr. Basketball candidate in Harris and he can do it all. Peabody has had other players step up big for them in the postseason. Manassas pulls away late to win.
  6. Liberty ( Jackson Tn) girls and boys basketball coaching jobs are open. Coach was let go by school system and is under investigation by Jackson Police department.
  7. Yea maybe you will say the same thing about her that I have been saying.
  8. Don't know why everyone is singling me out like that. I just stated what I saw. Yea Summertown never gave up when they were down by 6 to 8 points in the fourth against the Fillies. I like the way they play. Yea I played basketball in high school and it may be hard to believe but I know what I am talking about.
  9. All I am saying is that I was not impressed. You can ask our fans and they will tell you that they weren't impressed either. She missed a lot of shots and took a lot of shots as well. When she was faceguarded by our best defensive player we shut her down, but Gill got in foul trouble. We had to put another player on her that couldn't keep up with her. That's how she got her 27.
  10. We were expected to be good this year but a lack of conditioning during the season and off season and not working on fundamentals in practice killed our chances. We are thinking about next year lmao because we think that we can go further than this year. Huntingdon will be better next year so watch out.
  11. It was a very hard 27 points to come by. Most of those points came in the fourth quarter when we got tired and the person that was guarding her had to play with 4 fouls. If she is a miss basketball finalist as a FRESHMEN that she must be an amazing talent. But she is not a Chloe Moore, Tess Darby, Eddie Darby, or a Macey Lee. Weathers has a great potential but she lots of room to grow her game.
  12. Huntingdon should have won that game. A coaching mistake ended the year for them. I knew McKenzie wasn't going to win and I expected them to lose by 30 to 40 because we have been so up and down this year. Me and croppy have talked on these boards all season about how down District 11 was. So coming, into these games I expected Summertown to beat the Fillies by 10 to 20 and Loretto to beat us by 30 to 40. But both the Fillies and the lady rebels played well. Weathers could have had 40 points if she wanted to and if she would have made some more of her shots then she would have had that. We forced her into a lot of contested shots and mistakes that a typical freshmen would make. Before this season McKenzie had never won a regional game since 2003 and the way our girls showed up and showed out during the region is something to proud of. I don't think that Loretto and Summertown can beat Greenfield or GC. I was not impressed by them. Now maybe next year they can but we have to finish out this year first.
  13. I got Summertown as my pick. I don't think Loretto is playing good ball right now and if they have a couple of players hurt that's advantage Summertown.
  14. I was not impressed by either of those teams. They are young though so we will have to watch out for the next couple of years.
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