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  1. I can say that the one good thing that came from that game was an opportunity to see the younger players get a chance to step up. It's going to be a long season for these young men but there is several 2nd string players getting plenty of reps which will only help their future. TC look good as always. I was more impressed with their defense but from what I seen they are going to have a good year.
  2. I look for Pickett and Clay to be two top teams in the district. G'viile was beat by Watertown last night but look like a solid team. District 6 will be very competitive this year.
  3. Gordonsville's Boys team starting off the year with a few good wins. Monterey also looks to be very competitive. Both teams are undefeated but it's still early in the season. Being a tigers fan I also have to mention how good the new basketball court looks. Any discussion on who will be the top team in this district and how other districts in Class A will play out ?
  4. I think SC will go with a young coach that's not on most peoples radar. There is a lot of young assistant coaches that would love to take over a 3A program. SC has good fan support. With the right leadership, its a program with the ability to be competitive. I have heard several names but I think they will hire a coach that doesn't have any ties to the program.
  5. NOT A TC FAN !!!! I heard there were 2 but it maybe 1. Either way I standby my prediction. TC over H2O.
  6. Getting back to the topic.........TC vs H2O. Given the fact that Watertown beat TC by a very short margin (without 2 of TC's top players) I think TC will beat H2O. I think it will still be a close game but I see TC coming off with a victory. I didn't predict TC winning over Tyner but after that game I am going to have to go with the jackets.
  7. I think the same thing goes for TC. If TC shows up to play then they will be hard to beat. I don't know a lot about Tyner but I hear they're good team.
  8. No one is taking anything away from SP. It just seems that Whitwell is loaded this year. I've heard people say that SP is a talented team (like always) but not as good as they have been in the past. I knew the two schools were in close proximity to each other. We've had players bounce back and forth between schools in our county so I was curious if the same thing was happening in your area.
  9. I predict H2O over the eagles & TC over Tyner. Week 3 of playoffs will be TC vs H2O which is going to be a barn burner.
  10. I've noticed that Whitwell has a lot of athletes. Has SP lost any of their players to whitwell over the past few years ? I know both schools are within 30 mins of each other. For years SP was the more dominate team in that area.
  11. Everyone I've talked to has TC over Tyner. TC vs H2O will be a really good game !!!
  12. I don't think Whitwell wins by 60 but I do predict a shut out.
  13. That '93 team beat G'ville 14-0. TC went on to beat SP then when state. I had to edit this post after I checked tssaa. SP won state the following year. Either way the '93 SP team were loaded with talent.
  14. I'm not a South Pitt fan but I respect the program. Probably one of the best football atmospheres in the state. Nothing like riding a bus into SP through town seeing all the businesses closed for game time, then coming up on the field seeing all that orange & black. I remember in '93 when SP rolled into G'ville. I was in 7th grade. Unfortunately I never got the chance to play against them. We always had to play the private schools during the playoffs but we use to always say that when playoff season comes, "all roads lead through South Pitt". I think G'ville will play well. If not, SP will not let off until the final whistle.
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