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  1. Trey has some very large hands. I think that's why he has such incredible touch. The kid can already place the ball where he wants it. He may not be the fastest on the field but he can get out of trouble.
  2. I feel ya trader. But, it's not just and, I use the word "just", an opinion. All one has to do is look back over the past two to three decades and see the pattern. LC doesn't really play anyone during the regular season. And, if they do play a relevant team, they usually get beat. But, since they don't they usually place first or second in a very poor region. Hence, they have to play either the worst or second worst team of another region. Hence, they sometimes make it past the first round but very and I mean very, second round. A couple of years ago a poster was telling how Waynesboro was begging LC to schedule them but they would not do it. Now, do I think it is more fair for us to play them? Obviously, no. We are a much larger school and (should) have more talent. So, it would not be right for them to have to play us. But, LC is traditionally placed in a much weaker conference when they can be top dogs. That is until the second round of the playoffs.
  3. Not trying to degrade anyone. It's just that LC is always way over-rated and has inside tracks many of us don't have when it comes to the T$$AA.
  4. He is! And, he is receiving a lot of attention from several schools and some of these are large schools!
  5. I felt and thought that they may have actually been the best team in the state last year. Must be nice to just reload!
  6. I wouldn't be surprised at all! Hard to believe our humble beginning a couple short decades ago. We are definitely playing big boy ball now and it looks like we are going to be playing even bigger boy football. The increase in enrollment hasn't really brought us an increase in talent on the field. Though we have gained a few basketball players over the years. Still, talent in the halls and classrooms but just not on the field!
  7. If they are and, they look to be pretty good for the next couple of years, you can bet either they or Lewis County will be in a new region the next year.
  8. Did Greeneville lose much/any/most of their kids from last year?
  9. Just like Lewis County football. Same thing year after year after year after year. The football program is just like a broken record. Easy schedule, lose one maybe two games during the regular season to a quality opponent, claim regular season paper champs and then proceed to lose to the only other quality opponent in the first but, no later than the second round of the playoff! Then, have a lot of pride in accomplishing a heck of a record against nobody's.
  10. The past two/few years have been good for us. There are just so many Williamson County schools now and most or all seem to be very good. A lot of splitting talent.
  11. Understanding the Patriots are taking a large leap back this year. Couple of transfers in will help but the three kids leaving are going to hurt more. I'm thinking 6-4 this year with a couple of wild-card games. McCurrey will probably have Winchester rolling by the end of the year. Who knows about Summit.?.? I think we take Fairview and Giles doesn't seem to have much. Libscomb is anyone's guess as to what they have or how good they'll be. Centennial and Columbia will be hard games. Season is close!
  12. Ah, the perennial regular season paper champions from Lewis County. Funny that since another quality opponent has gone (CA) the road to that placing is going to be that much easier. Only one real quality opponent in the region and that is Chapel Hill. Maybe Sharpes buddies at the TSSAA can get them swapped out with Culleoka and make it even easier. I predict another awesome winning season and yet another second round playoff exit!
  13. You mean to tell me the regular season paper champions of Lewis Co are only honorable mention?? Our Patriots come in at #5 but I think thats high.
  14. I think Page drops back this year. All of the schools in Williamson County is spreading the talent pool thin.
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