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  1. Is it just me that noticed there is one team that was not ranked going into the season (yet)? I mean, not only not ranked in the usual top 10 but not even ranked in the top 15. How could this be?
  2. But, good enough to play for the state championship in 5A? Your post did not age well. Can you imagine how big of a deal that would have been? I mean for them to beat the runner up in 5A? What about making it to the state championship? Round two you say? What did we end up ranked at the end of the season? Frauds, you say? You think so now? Worst team in history you say? As in state championship game worst? Fourth, huh? Hmmm Joke, you say? What do you think now? Really? As in carry it to the state championship game for them because they will never carry it there themselves? Talking about all of those teams beating us but yet we played for the gold ball?.?.? Exposed you said? Pathetic you said? Still think that now? . But, we have actually played in the state championship game. . Horrible? Will playing for a gold ball defend it?
  3. Lol, they are still in shock; not sure if they will be consistent paper champions now. Yep, if they ever wanted to advance past the paper champion monicker. May not be or, necessarily be the fans down there. May be more like one or two people calling the program out for not being “real”. They have had some good teams in the past, for sure. As long as any/every thing remained the same down there, they were never going to advance to the championship. If they keep the same type of schedule he will win. The question is, can he build up a program that can be good enough to get to and past the second round. As it is now and has been for years, Hohenwald only plays one regular season game a year. This will be much easier than any where else he has been. Especially in the first year or two; excluding Fayetteville next year.
  4. This, I actually had to read this twice to make sure this poster was not talking about Hohenwald. So, as I understand this, the coach is essentially walking into the same exact situation he was in? If anyone has any doubts what-so-ever, I can tell you exactly how it will be for Central. As soon as the contracts with Giles County and Lewisburg are up, one will be swapped out with some basketball school such as Unionville. Look for the other one to be swapped with the likes of little ole Collinwood. Of course, they will keep Mount Pleasant and as long as Mount Juliet is down, they will stay on the schedule. From here on out (may take two years for contracts to cycle out) they will have at least five wins due to out of region scheduling. Add in just how bad Spring Hill and Lincoln County are and Winchester doesn’t look like they care about football and you will have at least seven minimal or more like eight win seasons. The region will come down to them playing one team, us! (Bout like Hohenwald/Riversburg or Hohenwald/Chapel Hill). Now, before I ask if anyone can see the similarities between what is going to be Central’s schedule and Hohenwald's the past three decades, I do want to point out we did make it to and play in the state championship game. As long as Central stays in 5A and our county brothers stay in 6A, look for Central to have high regular season winning percentages with early round playoff exits! Y’all heard it here first!
  5. IIRC, about five months ago you were not taking things on here as banter… And, you were not taking things “lightly” either.
  6. I have heard that you guys have a quarterback that had it been anyone else but that one specific kid at QB at Westview, he would have not only garnered the starting spot but also attention. I feel playing in a larger level football program will actually help him more. So not looking forward to the playoffs this year if we meet.
  7. Here's a question: Will he be able to implement the Wing T into Centrals football program? Will they accept it? I know the RPO is the dominant offense now and that offenses change and evolve but will it work in big boy football? I also know that some of the other larger schools still run the Wing T. It seems that they have been doing so for years, however. Another thing; I remember when McCurry left Lynchburg for Lewisburg and brought that offense with him. They didn't fare too well. I'm not sure if that was due to the offense or kids or it seems like it may have been some type of coaching problem(s) from an assistant coach. I don't think he fared too well with it in Winchester, either.
  8. So, you joined the party, took your ball and went home then came back to it late? Woody, I've already commented about the future weak scheduling Central is going to have in just a couple of years. Come on man, get your head into the game!
  9. You gotta do better than this! If you want E-cred, you have to talk in a manner those of us "not in the loop" can understand; such as "trustworthy" and "other places". What's all this "trust" and "not broken by me"? What former player (current coach)? All I'm seeing here are riddles, man.
  10. Well, aren't they kind of "one in the same"? I do know that even before Sharp began coaching there they did have weak schedules. So, I guess we'll see if the T$$AA still helps them out with whoever the new coach is and see if whoever the new coach is maintains weak schedules ending with short playoff runs.
  11. I just heard about this tonight. It will be good for both parties. The coach will be able to win on a higher level and Central will be able to boast consistently winning records.
  12. Well, let’s see. They get a coach who knows how to schedule extremely weak teams and has two buddies in the T$$AA that will make sure his new team will be placed in the weakest 5A region in the state. I think Central made the best hire in the state! So, if Central becomes the “new” Hohenwald, what do you think? Nah, it might take two years but Central will have the easiest 5A schedule in the state. So, no need to hand the keys over. If they do let him build it, you will see numerous winning seasons but no deep playoff runs or gold balls. You called it old friend. Lol, he most certainly did. They will never let me live that championship game down. Is he drawing a retirement check? I know some from other states do.
  13. First, I want to congratulate the kids on such a wonderful season! To make it deep into the playoffs and that incredible win against that awesome Henry County team was a wonderful experience along with the trip to the ‘ship! We have come a long way in the 35 year history. We had a decent run back in the late ‘90’s reaching the semis but, for the most part, we didn’t have much success. The team, coaches and program have been building up to this season for the past few years and, for one, I could see the build up. I do think the kids who have come before helped build up this platform. I hope they know they are an important part of this! The tough schedules against good and great teams of the past helped these kids understand what it takes to win against quality opponents. We have a great group of seniors and some good kids coming back. I don’t know what next year holds but it sure feels good to not only succeed but to play for a championship this year in 5A! I hope you boys know how proud we are of you and how much we have enjoyed the ride this season!
  14. Kid is good for sure and glad we have him another year! I don’t know if he has any offers but from what I understand he has interest coming from Peay, TSU and one of the East teams. Personally, I think he will definitely be DI by next year. Kid can do it all!
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