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  1. Pizzpatriot2

    Tennessee High School Football Database

    It must come and go. After I posted here and went back, it was out again.
  2. Pizzpatriot2

    Tennessee High School Football Database

    It is back up. Many thanks to it’s creater!
  3. Pizzpatriot2

    Williamson County

    I think we have most of those! Of course, Spring Hill still believes they should be playing in Class A!
  4. Pizzpatriot2

    Tennessee High School Football Database

    Showing service unavailable.
  5. Pizzpatriot2

    Page transfers

    There was talk the other night that players are very dissatisfied at SH so they are either transferring or wanting to.
  6. Pizzpatriot2

    Page transfers

    After the round robin a couple of years ago, it seems that Spring Hill is reversing the trend with Page. Anyone else hear about the supposed transfer or two over the break?
  7. Pizzpatriot2

    Tennessee High School Football Database

    Second that
  8. Pizzpatriot2

    Stewart's Creek opening

  9. Pizzpatriot2

    Gallatin Green Wave Grumors

    I don’t have a dog in this but I will say sometimes it takes the right coach at the right school!
  10. Pizzpatriot2

    Stratford 2018

    I saw that as well. They had an incredible turn around this year!
  11. Pizzpatriot2

    Giles County eligible player forfeit wins

    Two Spring Hill fans were talking about this last night at the concessions. Said the OC was let go because of this. I did not hear entire conversation but part of it had to do with lying about information or something to this effect. May be worth it cheating, however. Before this coach, GC was almost as bad as we were. But since this coaches arrival they have multiple playoff wins, two championship game appearances and one state title.
  12. Pizzpatriot2

    WhiteHaven 2019

    Good luck to you guys
  13. Pizzpatriot2

    Best Team In The State

    Thanks for posting this. However, I think Greeneville would best Alcoa this year.
  14. Pizzpatriot2

    Gallatin Green Wave Grumors

    Those two programs are completely different. The talent that he would have to have at Gallatin to be able to do what he has done at Cohn would have to be imported like it is there?