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  1. If you think that’s something, try being one loss Lewis County. They have not been ranked since the first week of the season. Their only loss was to defending state champs, Fayetteville! What more do they have to do to become ranked, especially with all of these other one loss teams and, including some two loss teams? This is just abnormal! In past years even with rare two losses but especially with only one loss this late in the season, they would be ranked! I mean, what has changed for all the voters from years past?
  2. Less than two weeks till the championship and Hohenwald has an extra day to practice! Who ya got?
  3. Perennial Football factory versus a girls basketball school. Hohenwald just has to win this one! If they roll into Riverside with a loss to Summertown, they can just say goodbye to the region championship because the confidence level will be too low. If that happens, they wont face Richland in the first round and chances are they will get beat. Let’s go Hohenwald!
  4. All these one and two loss teams ranked in the top 10 but yet AGAIN Hohenwald is on the outside looking in with only one loss. Does this seem wrong to anyone else? I mean, Riverside is sixth with only one loss.
  5. With a 7-1 (soon to be 8-1) record and 4-0 in region, you just can’t deny LC should be ranked in the top 10!
  6. In two weeks we will know who will face Richland in the first round! Who you got?
  7. Well, (if) Hohenwald beats Riverside, Richland just may knock them out in first round, now. Unless Chapel Hill just had a really off night.
  8. Don’t be talking about schedule difficulty around here. We all know what happens when that subject comes up!
  9. Can you just imagine if LC won this game? They would play Richland first and that’s pretty much an automatic win. They would be highly favored in the second round! But, we all know how Hohenwald gets put out in the second. However, they would still be playing a weak team in the second and have a good chance to play the Chapel Hill/Riverside winner. If the lose, all bets are off on making it to a third round game.
  10. Come on Hohenwald!! Gotta win region this year then!
  11. Here is the next thing: Welp, eight teams then down to four then to two then Westview then state. Will Chapel Hill get the Cascade/East Hickman winner or the Summertown vs (blank) winner next? On a separate note, I saw Chapel Hill play Spring Hill back in the mid 80's in a playoff game. Some friends were connected to Spring Hill so I went with them. They had Papa Wade back then but Chapel Hill had a kid named Chatterfield or Chesterfield or may have been Crutchfield that was a pretty good back. If you know who I'm talking about, what ever happened to him?
  12. One week closer to the regional championship game!!!! Bot teams have one region and one non region game left!! Game will be in Riverside. Who do you have? I am back and forth. I have predicted both to win at different times on different days. Since it is at Riverside, I have to give them the edge as of right now. This and DD says Hohenwald has several kids out/transferred/MIA soooooooooo, that gives the edge to Riverside. Regardless, the winner will, in all probability, make it to the second round without any trouble. The loser will most likely do the same. Soooooooooo, who has who, at the moment? P.S. This is sooooo exciting!
  13. General, I have and am genuinely intrigued with the playoff match up(s) and what could be. The question I asked was a legitimate question that I am genuinely interested in. That is why I asked it of you and honestly, I really thought you would have insight. Then, after I asked it and you responded, some old knucklehead decided he was gonna dust the keyboard off and come after me to make a name for himself! Then, they guy from Milan thought he would keep it stirred up so I had to defend myself from the outsider and the bored guy who's football program is in shambles from over there in West Tennessee. Even the little honey bee from Fairview had to jump in after he had already been put in his place. He even attested in his latest post on this thread it wasn't me derailing it. But, I'm with you on the eight teams in the playoffs from both regions. I stated my prediction on the winner of Riverside/Hohenwald having a cake walk into the third round. I'm assuming it's Chapel Hill all the way, from that region. Now, the question I have is, will the loser of Riverside/Hohenwald face Chapel Hill in the second round? Is that how the playoffs are set up? The winner will face Richland which will be an easy win. Will that winner face the East Hickman/Cascade winner?
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