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  1. Was he not able to get out of contracts with competitive teams? Administration not allow that to happen? @BIGPURPLEMACHINEhe going over there to resurrect the once proud but downtrodden Milan team to get them back to the Ship? Been three years since Covid gifted y’all your last shot. Gotta be tough losing all those games. Why didn’t @tradertwo let us know this was going to happen. The wheels really came off the wagon during that Giles game last year. This truly comes at no surprise! On a side note about Hohenwald, and one simply cannot make this Jerry Springer/Maury Povich stuff up! Word on the street as @tradertwo puts it, is that the former director of schools down there retired last year because the school board was not going to renew his contract. So, in effect, and I’m just guessing here, it had something to do with Sharp. Either the director was not able to keep Sharp and people were ticked and that caused the contract issue or Sharp left because he didn’t have his primary backer. (Not sure who left first) Anyway, the crazy thing is, the word going around is the former director is running for school board on the platform that if elected, he will fire the new director of schools (his replacement)! I would say something like “you can’t make this stuff up” but coming from a town that takes pride in a football program that schedules little ole 1A teams like Collinwood and Waynesboro (but only when they are down) and basketball schools such as Unionville or zero for sixty big bad 5A Spring Hill, what does one expect? What are the odds the former director of schools is elected to the school board, runs the new director out, comes back and hires Sharp back? Will this be an ESPN 30 for 30?
  2. Dire, indeed! It should not be that difficult to find a coach for them, at all. Really, who could not win there? Unless something changes, if you are their coach, you should have a high winning percentage year in and year out. If the standard maintains, you will be in the weakest 2A conference in the state year after year. Then, if you schedule your out of region games with losing and/or basketball programs, you will garner winning seasons year after year. This includes making the playoffs year after year. Shoot, if it didn’t mean a major pay cut for me, I’d throw my hat in there!
  3. The way that their region(s) have been set up for the last 30+ years, it seems as any coach running any offense can win there. Lack of competition makes winning easy. Yes, for the past three decades with the exception of a couple/few years in the late 2000’s, they have always been placed in a very weak region with (maybe) one competitive team and, if they beat that team, it was typically barely. Add in winless, weak single A and girls basketball schools to fill out the out of region schedule and you have a recipe for any coach to have success there. Shhhh, don’t remind them of that. It proves all of those championships are paper championships!
  4. Does anyone know the reason the long term coach left Hohenwald to begin with? The real reason?
  5. Left out one prominent school in that area down there. That point is so right on!
  6. I’m just curious. With Riverside being a relative small and country school, similar to Hohenwald, how do the Hohenwald people/fans feel about them reaching the State Championship game before them? After all the wins Hohenwald has had over the years; after all the high playoff percentage Hohenwald has had, is it not daunting that one of the rivals/premier opponents made it before them and that this opponent does not boast the same winning record? Does it gall that fan base? I would not know as Page has been there for back to back/two years in a row.
  7. Roy, where have you been the past three days? Have to admit, I do find it a little comical that I pulled you over to being a fan of a winning program.
  8. Memphis? Who wants to travel a great distance just to get mugged, robbed and/or shot? Serious and legitimate question.
  9. You know, for their game last week, I looked at GC’s schedule and noticed they played those three 5A schools. With all the calling out I’ve given Hohenwald over the years, I couldn’t help but think the GC coach did that schedule to prepare them for Alcoa or that type of school.
  10. You are either to stupid to figure things out or your obsession with me has taken over all functions of your brain! The only thing Milan has done since they were AA was due specifically and only because of Covid forfeits! In other words, Milan has not been anything of value since Moby Dick was a minnow! Page is now going to back to back state championship games. Milan is irrelevant. Also, stop talking trash. You just sound plain ignorant!
  11. Thanks WN. Why does GC not move up to 4A to get away from Alcoa? Seems as though that would be the smart move.
  12. Honestly, I have a feeling this may be like last years title game. However, we were just excited to be there last year but this year, we feel as though we belong. Saying that, a lot depends upon the weather and breaks. If we can force a couple of turnovers and capitalize, I think we stand a decent to good chance this year. I don’t know much about West but do know they must be very good to make it this far!
  13. Lol Yes, and that they were actually good enough to win even though the score dictated otherwise.
  14. Just when exactly did y’all cut the heat on in that basketball gym over there?
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