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  1. First, I want to congratulate the kids on such a wonderful season! To make it deep into the playoffs and that incredible win against that awesome Henry County team was a wonderful experience along with the trip to the ‘ship! We have come a long way in the 35 year history. We had a decent run back in the late ‘90’s reaching the semis but, for the most part, we didn’t have much success. The team, coaches and program have been building up to this season for the past few years and, for one, I could see the build up. I do think the kids who have come before helped build up this platform. I hope they know they are an important part of this! The tough schedules against good and great teams of the past helped these kids understand what it takes to win against quality opponents. We have a great group of seniors and some good kids coming back. I don’t know what next year holds but it sure feels good to not only succeed but to play for a championship this year in 5A! I hope you boys know how proud we are of you and how much we have enjoyed the ride this season!
  2. Kid is good for sure and glad we have him another year! I don’t know if he has any offers but from what I understand he has interest coming from Peay, TSU and one of the East teams. Personally, I think he will definitely be DI by next year. Kid can do it all!
  3. Except by the end of the second round playoffs! As dominant as Riverside seemed last season, unless there is a major catastrophe happening with them, they will be the clear cut winner of that region. The way Cascade flames out, my guess is they were way over rated. Therefore, my guess is Chapel Hill will rule that region. Thing I’m wondering is if Hohenwald will enter the season ranked next year? I’m thinking the word is out on that program. Now, with Riverside taking assertive control of that region, will the t$$aa pull them out and move them i to the region with Chapel Hill??? Seems crazy to thing but things like that have happened before that opened a door for Hohenwald. Then, what about Summertown coming on?
  4. Must congratulate Powell for their performance last night! As some posters alluded to from reading, those of us in the stands had a feeling in the second quarter that we were going to come back and pull it off in the end! I do think there were a couple of questionable calls but for the most part, I thought it was a fairly called game. If there was any doubt our signal caller is not the real deal, he not only showed it last night but in the playoffs as well! Again, just making it to the championship is great for us, our team and program! Nothing to hang your heads low on boys!
  5. Yeah, but neither Scotts Hill nor Hohenwald will ever make it to the state title game. So, you wont ever have to worry about belittling anyone.
  6. I just have to say how excited I am about my football team, Page, playing in the State Championship tomorrow! I (we) are just so proud of our accomplishment, not only for the championship game but the incredible and amazing season we had! To be this fortunate is just an amazing feeling. So proud of our boys, coaches and administration! I can see the build up to this moment coming for the past few seasons. One season removed from back to back Regional Championships to get our third in four years, for us, Page, has been quite a ride! I fully believe playing quality opponents such as David Lipscomb and Ravenwood and being put in Regions with quality opponents such as Summitt was going to pay dividends. To go almost undefeated for three of the last four years is a major accomplishment but, taking this one loss team to the state championship this go around is just great! I knew we were going to be good this year but I also knew we had to get over the hump and into the semi's. I am just glad that our guys proved we are what our record says we are and that is not only a good team but a good program, one of the top two in our division in the entire state! Our comeback win last week and how we did not give up showed what we are about! Don't get me wrong, I want to win tomorrow just as much as anyone but, if it was not meant to be, we will have a memorable season to always look back on that only a few get to have! I mean, we not only made it to the semi's but won! That win catapulted us into the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!! Just wow, what a resume!!! Go Patriots!
  7. It is about the game. Not only that, it is about the entire 2021 season!
  8. I just have to quote this post once more: Yeah, that was pretty neat how I did that, wasn't it? Think anyone else in addition to you figured that out or, do you think you are the only one? Again though, I've never bashed the coach or community or kids down there. I have, however, pointed out the program is fake and the won/loss ratio is a complete misnomer. So, I will give you credit on calling me out on that because that is exactly what I have done! Also, I think I began calling them out in 2017 so, yeah, you might be right as far as your statement of "years" but, it's not like I've been doing it for a decade or longer (though others did two decades ago). Incase you have not been paying attention, I have not rooted for anyone (Hohenwald) to fail. I have just mentioned (stated) that they will always be out in the early rounds of the playoffs. If you will go back to my threads and posts, I have actually pulled for them. Also, you are incorrect on me not celebrating my teams accomplishments. Me, my friends, co-workers, colleagues, family and others have been celebrating since Friday night! Seeing how you are a Scotts Hill fan (and not a Riverside fan) have you been celebrating anything football related since Friday night? Have you celebrated anything football related since the end of October? Yeah, well, I'm just glad to prove my point(s)! Ha! My bad RP. I guess since he posts more about Riverside than his own team, I just assumed he was one of your bunch. I don't blame you though, I would make sure he wasn't my kin either and let it be known! Ah, yeah, I'm sure everyone was too! There are only a few (actually like three) from two-three months ago who are still on here clapping back. This is something that they will never, ever, ever live down! Nah, I didn't, really/actually. I proved that a good team that is good enough to play for a state championship will. This is regardless of the schedule! My point with you and other posters from Hohenwald is that your team(s) are never good enough to play for gold balls and that the high winning percentage is just a misnomer! To further my point, we were 9-1 on the regular season this year. We are now 13-1 playing for the state championship and this includes the FF by Giles. However, unlike Hohenwald, we are not 9-2 or 10-2 excited about the basketball season! Should not be that difficult to figure out my point. But, incase you haven't, we are Region Champs and not only that, we are playing for a state championship. What we are not, however, is/are the #regularseasonpaperchampions from Hohenwald!! This is a very proud moment not only for me but for all Page fans! Just so proud of our boys having such a stellar regular season and then taking care of business in the playoffs! It is too bad many will never get to experience this feeling! Oh, but it is! It really is! You should try it! I, for one, am glad you didn't pass it up. So, as I understand it, you are a Scotts Hill fan? I don't know much of anything about your program, really. The only thing I have heard is that there is an identity crisis in that your school doesn't fully know what county/town you are in? Here is a question, since your program pulls kids from two counties, why has your program not advanced to the state championship game?
  9. Oh now Trader @tradertwo, I have never, not once, bashed the coach, the community or any of those kids! Not once! You are just mad because we are playing for the gold ball. It's not that you are mad that we are playing for it and your team is not, you are just mad that we made it this far! It must really suck to see us having this success. Maybe if you had pumped your favorite team up more and not degraded Page so much/as much/any then you would not feel as bad. I see what you are doing here though. You want to take away from our team, our kids and our program and try to use me to do it. And, to use such powerful words such as "attach" "unprovoked" you make me feel as if I were Japan in WWII! But, to go back to Hohenwald and their program, maybe, just maybe, if they had played better teams throughout the years instead of all those Single A and non successful teams, their program would know what it is like to face tough competition and the hardships required to reach the state championship. What do you think? You should kinda know how that feels. Has Riverside ever made it to the finals? What about the state championship? I tell you what, when they do, you can speak with credibility. Until then, all of the negative things you have said about my program, about Page, about how bad we are, just know we have and are accomplishing something Riverside never has!
  10. All the way to the state championship? Is that gym warm down there in Hohenwald? It is going to be cold on us in Chattanooga but, I gotta tell you, it's nice to play in the semi-finals and win then play for the gold ball! How basketball season going over there little brother? We cranked it up too but football is still going on over here. I know you wouldn't know about that but it's awesome to be playing this far into the season/playoffs. Region Champions. Semi-final game. State championship game. How did Fairview do this year? When is the last time Fairview made it to the semis? What about the state championship? How is playing in the state championship a fraud? Chattanooga bound! Not even a top 10 huh? But yet, playing for the gold ball. How did Milan fair this year? Richland beat page? Out by second round? Can you just imagine if we were in 2A???? When is the last time Hohenwald made it to the semis? Even better question, when was the last time they made it to the state championship? Fraud huh? State championship game, fraud? Not like Fairview, however? Round two? What about quarter finals, semi finals and then state championship? #### a doodle doo! Typically, frauds do not make it to the state championship game, typically! But playing for that gold ball, in 5A! 4th seed huh? Generous? What about state championship game? Hmmm, beat who we needed to beat to play the best of that side of the state who beat the best who beat the best. It must really bother you to read about us while you are in that basketball gym. We probably could if said jockstrap was going to Chattanooga to the State Championship game! Paper Champion you say? Do paper champions make it to the State Championship game? Toilet paper, paper champions, huh? All I have to say about that is, "State Championship"! You say horrible? Is a State Championship game contender really horrible?
  11. Who has who and by what score. I am guessing we are coming in as the underdogs again but after that 4th quarter showing, I think we proved ourselves last week. I commented that our speed at the skill position was going to be our strong point and that if the turf held up, We have a true dual threat at QB and that also showed Friday night. Powell has lost two this year and both to dominant teams. We have lost only one but was to a lessor opponent. Personally, I am into this underdog role!
  12. It should be an offensive game for sure with lots of points. I and us Page faithful are excited. This has been an incredible run for us, historic. I’m hoping the field will not be a mess and slow us down. Our edge is speed but we are going to need traction in the middle to stop that HC run game.
  13. Who’s tiptoeing? What I said was/is factual.
  14. I agree with you. Especially since Alcoa is not technically a private school. Eventually every team or program or team has a down year every now and them and every now and then a team has an incredible run. Who ever is up when Alcoa is down will be lucky.
  15. This is an excellent quote from another thread. To make it to the semis, a team has to be good regardless of the region. There are some teams who are just at another level and it shows by round four. Can you just imagine all of the teams over the years who have had very good or even undefeated regular seasons but have yet to make it this far?
  16. How does HC speed on the outside on D match up? Are the corners fast or just quick or both? We have a kid, that when he is on, can stretch the field. We’ve been a little banged up on the O-line some this year but have solid second stringers who have filled in.
  17. Don’t discount us. Our kids have motivation because we know we can be beat. However, we have a great group of kids and they play for each other. There was talk last night at the game that the HC QB is actually a Westview kid and if not for Simpson, he may have been the best they have had. Is he that good?
  18. Is the heat working okay down there in the basketball gym? Incase it wasn’t known, Page is in the semi’s. Also, one doesn’t have to have a 9-1 or 10-0 record to make it to the fourth round of the playoffs. The only requirement is that they are good. In this case, a 9-1 record with a regional championship actually equates to a good team, for the record.
  19. I got me a fan or at least the leader of my fan club.... ..... or, maybe a stalker. Gotta be tough (and boring) sitting at home after the first round of the playoffs with no team to cheer for!
  20. Round threeeeeeeeee! Now, don't be like that towards those Hohenwald folks. They just don't know any better. I tell you what, that pumpkin sure does have a nice ride to it! How are those bulldogs doing way over there? Y'all getting ready for the third round this Friday night?
  21. I’ve never thought the privates should be playing against the publics and that rivalry there is a prime example why.
  22. When you are a good football team, it doesn’t really matter about strength of schedule as long as you make it to the third round. Good teams make it to round three. Fake teams go 9-1 and/or 10-0 and get put out in the first or second round.
  23. Just a side note here, Page is in the third round. Just thought I'd point that out to anyone who is not playing basketball down there in Hohenwald.
  24. Well, if you exclude all of those eggs laid against Lipscomb several years back there about 15 years ago, 2007, 2011, 2016 and 2017. Finally got over the hump against a down Lipscomb team but there have been head scratchers like that Bolivar loss.
  25. I think this is going to be a heck of a game and am looking forward to it! I know Green Hill is only in their second year but you guys came on strong in that first year. I know we have got to be better on the perimeter and not get caught looking. We have had a tendency to watch the ball and try to make individual plays all year long. I noticed coach started pulling kids and that seemed to correct it somewhat. I sure hope you are right and we come out on top of this one! But, I don't know if we can just get over this hump! You guys had a pretty good schedule this year and faced some decent competition. We will see how our O line can hold up to the pressure. I think if we can do that, it will open up our run game.
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