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  1. I will be honest I didn’t see a big size advantage for Tullahoma, would be nice to compare rosters and see. But Tullahoma’s defense was the difference. Tullahoma offense had the ball 18:51 minutes, 49 plays, 337 yards of offense and 21 points. Elizabethton had the ball 29:09, 72 plays, 300 yards of offense and 14 points. Elizabethton’s defense should have been fresh in overtime since they were on the field only 18:51; yet, Tullahoma scored on 1 play in first overtime. Tullahoma’s defense won the game, there is no tilt towards Elizabethton….in fact i remember someone saying that “you know what we do can you stop it” and Tullahoma’s defense did just that. I will end this with the fact that I was impressed with how well Elizabthton played on both sides of the ball, awesome job what they accomplished over the last 3 years; but the 2021 Tullahoma Wildcats is the best team. By the way, this fan was fine with the 4th and 1 call!
  2. I mainly posted this due to a fan saying Elizabethton was #1 on this same poll at some point during the season. It was fun to see this morning and to post as an exclamation on Tullahoma’s 15-0 season. Been a great season, congratulations to Tullahoma and Coach Olive on a perfect season! Tullahoma is #1 in 4A!!!!!!
  3. https://sonnymoorepowerratings.com/h-s-foot.htm Tullahoma #1 in the State of Tennessee according to computer!
  4. Seriously a defensive battle, Tullahoma had 2 really good opportunities to put game away and Elizabethton denied the scores….But in the end the best team won! Congratulations to Ryan Scott as MVP and Kris Uselton to ending the game with the big interception!!!!Super happy for the 22 seniors to stick together and get the win!!!!
  5. Tullahoma actually played 2-6A teams and then 12-4A teams and the 2-6A games were the only 2 non region/playoff games on the schedule due to Region 5 having 9 teams….no doubt Elizabethton has experience, great coaches, and great players on their side, just believe/hoping (don’t know if there is a difference when it comes to sports) Tullahoma can pull off the upset and put a gold ball in the trophy case to complete a great season and the 4 year career for the 22 Tullahoma seniors! It’s only taken Tullahoma 99 years to get to the Championship game.
  6. He is really a bitter person that likes to fight and talk about about Tullahoma not only on here but every event he attends, gets old. The band did not form the T last week because of it being on fall break and many students on vacation, they did perform in the stands and lead the team during the wildcat walk….they have not played the halftime show since first round of playoffs, for various reason, to be honest I am disappointed about that too. they will be depleted this weekend too because they have mid-state auditions, so go ahead and start complaining about that too!
  7. Maybe I something that Tullahoma has that is bigger than Elizabethton………….the band, Tullahoma’s is 156. How big is Elizabethtons’s band?
  8. I not offended, just pointing out facts that those were absurd post and I will admit there have been some off the wall out of left field post made by apparent Tullahoma fans. I would like to see where Greeneville was ranked #1 above all classifications as stated by an Elizabethton fan: Greeneville which was ranked in some of the TSSAA poles as the over all #1 team in the state ofTennessee, that’s over all even 6A
  9. Find a post where I made an outlandish from the hip post stating Pearl Cohn or Haywood was better than Elizabethton or any other horse crap. If you do I will apologize for such a rich post.
  10. The problem with Elizabethton fans are that every time a Tullahoma fan try’s to point out a comparison or an opinion about stats or physical play the Elizabethton fan gets offended….and rattles off the above statement….what logic even justifies that absurd statement other than ego…. Greeneville is more physical than Tullahoma…. once again until you play both teams how can you make that statement..
  11. Since Tullahoma doesn’t have your past and can only bring a 14-0 record (against substandard teams according to you) to the game Saturday. No need debating with you anymore since we are just a pathetic team from the west. We will find out Saturday who the best team is in 4A.
  12. You keep saying we like your on the team or you have a mouse in your pocket, which is it?
  13. I haven’t heard how bad the injury is….I watched part of the Elizabethton and Greeneville playoff game and both teams looked really good! It was hard to tell size of players since it was only field level… I believe it will come down to turnovers and penalties.
  14. All your doing is disrespecting Tullahoma…I have never heard of Tully. Tullahoma beat Pearl Cohn twice this year who moved up to 4A this year, they are one heck of a team that has 2 silver balls in the last 5 years. They last lost to Alcoa, which with your 5 open slots in your schedule, I see y’all didn’t schedule them, interesting….Tullahoma pummeled Haywood who was undefeated and also has 2 silver balls in the last 5 years. Now Elizabethton has won the gold ball the last 2 years and are kings of the mountain. Tullahoma has beaten everyone on their schedule, more than Elizabethton can say, they have earned the right to play for the gold ball, so stop acting like Tullahoma doesn’t belong on the same field with Elizabethton.
  15. Well when you only have 6 teams in your region you have a luxury that Tullahoma did not. Tullahoma was moved from east to west and placed in a region with 9 teams, so they played two local rivals, both 6A teams. There is no disrespect to the Champ; but, this Tullahoma team is pretty special, very fast on offense, exceptional special teams, and a very hard hitting disciplined defense. The same can be said for Elizzy on stopping Tullahoma’s offense; the fewest points the wildcats have scored all year is 21 points.
  16. First ever meeting between these 2 program, 14-0 Wildcats vs 13-1 Cyclones….ready set go.
  17. Right, they played poorly both times against Tullahoma! Probably because Tullahoma is the best team PC played all year and I believe it will be the best team Haywood has played all year, see you there tomorrow night!
  18. I agree except for the winner, Tullahoma gets their first trip to the Championship game…
  19. From Nashville Paper Haywood at Tullahoma Adams – Tullahoma 17, Haywood 14: In a defensive showdown, Tullahoma's balanced offense will do just enough to pull off a field-goal victory. Hamilton – Haywood 35 Tullahoma 32: JaKylon Taylor rushes for three touchdowns as Haywood makes the state title game for the second year in a row. Horton – Haywood 21, Tullahoma 18: The Tomcats will have a close defensive battle against Tullahoma but Haywood will prevail. Joyce – Tullahoma 24, Haywood 17: Wildcats reach state title game for first time. Kreager – Haywood 21, Tullahoma 20: This might be best semifinal in the state. Robinson – Haywood 35, Tullahoma 28: The Tomcats beat the Wildcats in a shootout. Spears – Haywood 24, Tullahoma 17: The Tomcats overcome a sluggish start to make it back to the Class 4A championship for the second consecutive season.
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