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  1. http://www.hudl.com/v/2FqCQc Mcewen does pretty good against the run and have two backs over 200. They grind a lot of clock. Their weakness is covering the pass.
  2. Mcewen doesn’t have a lot of depth. They start several freshman and play a few 8th graders. They rarely pass but if you can’t stop the run your in trouble.
  3. I think McKenzie’s has enough studs to bring home a good ball this year.
  4. In my opinion Tommy Wills from Mcewen is the best Running Back in 1A.he will keep the clock moving some to keep it close for a half.
  5. Rebels win 1a this year. Mcewen don’t have the depth
  6. Both teams would be a lot better if they would work on tackling and less on how many formations they can run on Offense.
  7. Gleason is losing 30-14 start of 3rd under lightning delay Mcewen has the ball again
  8. if Gleason don’t stop Tommy Wills in the second half he might put up 400 yards.
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