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  1. Prayers of comfort and peace to the family and community that only He can give and prayers for Coach Morson and his staff to lead those young men through this tragedy in a way that is pleasing to our Lord.
  2. Appreciate the support. You have ours as well. Lots of football left and lots of work that needs to be done!!!
  3. I’m not sure he knows what mercy is lol
  4. Yep it goes along with that “dawg mentality” your son talks about haha. He spoke well on FNF.
  5. Yes sir they are tough. We have much respect for what Hampton and Happy Valley do. Seems they have both started throwing more like Oneida.
  6. Three more games. One at a time. Two big conference games. Much work to be done.
  7. North Greene visits Rebel Hill so it’s North vs South. A non conference game but a win can clinch the Greene County trophy for the Rebels. Another rivalry and one where the Huskies will bring their A game.
  8. Wow I’d say Murphy turned Palazzo loose alright haha. Nice performance.
  9. Thanks for the comments. Our QB plays with a lot of heart. Great kid too! Both Myers boys are good boys and good players. I believe we Need to tighten some things up first on defense. We make too many silly mistakes and take too many plays off. Your 97 yard drive worried me a bit.
  10. And might I add, great post. This was better than most Greeneville sun sports articles.
  11. Must be why our coaches choose to stay on the “visitor” side of the field lol
  12. Wow congrats CD. must’ve been a great game to see.
  13. OldEagle, not the best representation from a few of our fans tonight. My apologies.
  14. Gunner that’s just downright hostile
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