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  1. Wow sounds impressive. Can those beasts move?
  2. Lol Coach Verran won’t listen to me. Besides—He’s got a special group of kids! Fun to work with. Got some extra athletes out this year. I did hear today that the greeneville kid is finally eligible. I’m sure that put a smile on Coach’s face. But I agree with you, months are flying by and spring practice is only a breath away.
  3. I hear North will have all their skills back
  4. Actually lost more than 3. And I don’t think the young man from Gvegas is eligible as of yet.
  5. Chain crew underwent rigorous training during the off season and will indeed return all starters.
  6. Your boys scared me a bit last night.  Thought they were going to stage a comeback.  They don't quit.  That is quite remarkable.  They may be young, but given time, they will gel and be tough to beat.

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    2. RebRebReb


      Your guys outrebounded us for quite some time.  Transition time from FB to BB is sometimes frustrating to say the least  hope they settle in quickly  

      One of our good shooters is a German exchange student. When he first came he was shooting before practice from almost half court and hitting some. Coach Hoese asked him how he shot from three point range. The kid asked where that was and after he was shown he said "oh you mean a mid range jumper?" LOL

    3. uknoit2



      Back in the day, I'd rather shoot a 30 footer than a 3 pointer. LOL

      The 15 foot jump shot is a talent long gone. I drilled my oldest two and now drill these last two in the short shots for hours a week. I hope they'll do as well as my first two...But this is a different breed of kid we're seeing these days. Everything has to be a step-back, fadeaway missile shot now

    4. RebRebReb
  7. Congrats Greeneville! Now finish it!!! Good luck
  8. Heck I'd love to read it. EVERY article, news segment, and broadcast of any kind is biased. I don't care what anyone says lol. If you get a chance, send it to [email protected] dot com thanks Crow
  9. Ok I was just curious. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Where did you find that response? I viewed the podcast but have not seen a written statement by Mr. Childress.
  11. You'll have to try harder to get me riled lol I was just messing with ya. Honestly thought crows spoon reply was hall of fame worthy so I just couldn't help myself. Hate to hear about Coach L. I am sure it will be hard to fill his shoes.
  12. Lol the way I figure if we are only able to beat you three times and we've already used up the first one well then I look forward to another two! Haha just trying to be positive now where did I put that spoon???
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