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  1. Any word on Franklin County OC and DC hires?
  2. Region 5-5A Co-MVPs: Michael Burdick, Page; Grayson Tramel, Shelbyville Offensive MVP: Airius Trice, Shelbyville Co-Defensive MVPs: Jackson Satterfield, Page; Gary Smith III, Shelbyville Offensive Lineman of the Year: Ian Smith, Page Defensive Lineman of the Year: Brayden Stem, Summit Special Teams Player of the Year: Mason Wright, Shelbyville Co-Kickers of the Year: Reid Hardin, Lincoln Co.; Cade Tidmore, Page Coach of the Year: Charles Rathbone, Page All-region Page: Luke Bowers, Austin Harshaw, Nick Hurd, Christian Tidmore, Simon Simmonds, Cade Ashman, Brady Buckley, Cade Walker, Miles Bonn. Shelbyville: Austin McBee, JJ Martin, Dorvante Swader, Bo Williams, Malachi Burns, Cale Swing, Dalton Corley, Lawson Lemmon. Summit: George Odimegqu, Zack Claus, Max Meeker, Jacob Douglas, Christian Jolley, Nafis Weldon, Jonathan Myers. Lincoln Co.: Jason Betz, Cade Cooper, Rudy Cooper, West Jenkins, Garrett Lee, Tucker Webb. Franklin Co.: Jabryl Hill, Mason Mitchell, Trenton Gilliland, Michael Fuqua, Hunter Hanger. Columbia: Dontavius Brown, David Bailey, Keelan Littlejohn, Bryce Mangrum. White Co.: Kade Clark, Will Griggs, Allen Shoupe. *source:https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/high-school/2018/12/03/high-school-football-2018-nashville-area-all-region-teams-and-awards/2145424002/
  3. Do you just get excited and pleasure for downtalking FC as a whole? Get a life. Or go talk to MacKrylon as you call him in person. Since you seem to have such an affinity for him. Keyboard warrior
  4. Negative sir, that was a different staff entirely and 2010 #CheckYourFacts
  5. I wouldn't say only problem...but other than that i 1,000 % agree with this! lol
  6. FC will be fine without him, would rather have the kids that want to be Rebels
  7. That's funny because in 2012-13 FC offense had more yards and points with a wing t offense. These skill players won't even top the record charts of the last decade at Franklin County,' Again not backing Mac i think he has been mostly bad for Franklin County. He's a prick who runs off players and coaches. But players who come in and get treated different are that way too. FC could've started another kid i won't name but who is just as if not more athletic at QB in that offense and put up better numbers. I watched receivers come back and make miraculous catches for Jean. He may get better but right now he has poor timing on his throws, throws everything as hard as he can (no touch), and comes up short on long throws.
  8. You must be Neyland's Dad , The wing-t is a pretty potent offense, just saying. Not saying that Mac is the answer at heach coach, but one-player doesn't single-handily win 4 games as you say. 5-5 the year before he arrived, the same with him. He might be a great kid/athlete, not knocking that at all.
  9. Don't know how much FC loses with Jean, the scheme and receivers made his numbers much better. Looked good at times but not a D1 QB as i've heard and expected to see. From what i heard he received "preferential treatment" ticked a lot of kids off. The way the coach treated him made others quit. Or atleast thats what i was told
  10. Wouldn't doubt it. I'm not sure if i want to know it all though... GO REBELS, maybe
  11. First meeting is today, 1 p.m. at Hardin Valley Academy. Would love to know how it goes/voted upon there...
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