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  1. Refs have gotten too sensitive. I’ve seen refs follow players too hoping to call a technical. Players do need to respect refs but refs must also respect players Refs have tough job
  2. I’m not sure u call robbery in championship game. She was 3 steps inside half court. If she couldn’t make it coffee should not have been close to her. She was definitely fouled. I do believe coffee is the best team but the best doesn’t always win. The game was chess match and coffee should have sped game up. Coffee and Tullahoma can both win first game cats have already beaten Oakland and that was before Ferrell was eligible. Both teams will struggle in semis hope they both can win
  3. Don’t want to get into refereeing but the foul occurred should have been called there was no doubt from my prospective. I no coffee hates it but watch film and there is no doubt I feel for coffeee girl that fouled but she should have been more careful just an opinion
  4. Great game a real chess match between coaches. Both teams are young will b battling next year also. Fun rivalry good luck to coffee in regional
  5. Wildcat rebound for win against cookeville. A little surprised Wasn’t at game don’t know details
  6. Coffee really shot it well. They also answered cats run. Good game by coffee. Hope we catch you in tournament. Also great atmosphere tonite. Cats may be having internal problems.
  7. I agree Pearlball both should be wide open. Even Tullahoma in the boys they have played both leader close. Tournament not far away should be great tournament just played a long way away but great place to play
  8. Seems to be a lot of parity even though I believe coffee is first then Tullahoma but Tullahoma has to come to play
  9. 2nd half of district starting. Tullahoma and Shelbyville game exciting tonight but a very sloppy game poor shooting by both teams. Tullahoma has Lincoln on Friday at Lincoln should be a good game new girl for Tullahoma adds a new dimensio
  10. I glad to see eagles were competitive. Their coach is a great young person. I don’t know what kind of coach but a great role model.
  11. Wasn’t at cats game but must have played well. Surprised how close cc game was. Setting up for raiders and cats. I believe new girl adds a whole new dimension should be a great rivalry game. Good luck. Go cats
  12. I can agree pearlball but ole blue implies Tullahoma coffee county and others can’t have enthusiasm only the big schools I’m probably correct in saying the smaller the school the greater the school,spirit
  13. It’s not ok to have enthusiasm if your not a great program. Enthusiasm is one of the things that helps build a program. Just wondering
  14. Yes she is eligible became eligible on Thursday on appeal. Should make us even better
  15. And I agree with most you said. Cc is better no doubt they win regular season unlike cc wildcats play most remaining games away but better watch out for tournament cats r improving and I’m not a parent. Good luck,except when u play the cats.
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