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  1. Alex Condra is from Whitwell and attends Jasper Middle right now. He is a true athlete in every sport he plays. All he wants to do is just play ball. This is one kid that truly eats, sleeps and breathes sports. He’s also a good kid.
  2. Please explain exactly why the refs had an “Interest” in seeing Whitwell win? You have “officially” lost it.
  3. Exactly what “Interest” could the refs possibly have in seeing that Whitwell won? You’ve “officially” lost it.
  4. Your ears must have been stopped up from the rain because no one from Whitwell would have said that because we watched the same game you did and felt our boys played one heck of a game. My family and I stayed at the same hotel as some Cornersville fans and we talked to many of them. We all joked and got along well saying how we hated that it had to be either of us that had to lose because we were both from such similar backgrounds. Maybe IF you heard anything at all, it was in relation to that. But only that. Our QB was playroom two badly sprained ankles, one is in a brace and the other in a boot. He shouthave been pulled sooner, there were calls that were and weren’t made on both sides that should and shouldn’t have been but at the end of the day, one team won and one didn’t . The scoreboard said Tigers 7 Cornersville 6 at the end of the game and that’s what counts. On another note, Dunlap supported our team going to the game and come home from it as well so you’d be hard pressed right now to find anyone that wouldn’t support them from our town. It meant a great deal to our guys.
  5. Dang... drank the haterade much? Can’t even pull for the county team, sad. Not that you’re giving up any secrets as I’m certain they’ watched films day and night, but still. That’s ok, to each his own. However, these kids have more than earned the respect due them, regardless of whatever hard feelings you’re harboring for any adult. It will take a team of miles to keep Ashworth out of the whole game, is.
  6. The words of one or two don’t come out of the mouth of everyone so keep that in mind when deciding on your support for these boys. Just like one or two don’t speak for your whole town or you personally. Keep the faith and Go Big Red!
  7. Don’t know exactly what you’re referring to, but I don’t know of any coach or fan that hasn’t said something at one time or another (on here for example)that they shouldn’t have, but I can tell you one things for sure, this week isn’t the time for airing it out.
  8. Knowing Warner, you’ll never really know until he’s physically removed from the game on Saturday, if that has to happen. Sitting out last night was pure punishment for him. Just praying for healthy athletes on both sides before, during and after the game.
  9. Not taking anything away from Hudson but you didn’t even hear from Thundur #4 last night or Jarren Thames #7 or John King #21 who stepped up in a Big way when Wingo was out and made plays happen. Stewart #20 showed a good bit of his caliber but not all. Size wise we were lacking somewhat but our guys make that up in several ways. Greenback as defending state champs are definitely given their due recognition but I hear #23 being out as the key factor for the loss repeatedly. Respect to both teams for a great game.
  10. It’s time. Time Free Press did have Tanner’s catch last week though for us though.
  11. Thank you, we will gladly enjoy this season, as several school records have been made, and why not. Every team had to start somewhere, sometime, somehow so why not us? Give these boys their due. Stand back and look at what they’ve accomplished so far. Wouldn’t you be proud if it was you/your team? Say what you will but whatever happens Saturday, Whitwell has made believers out of those naysayers (whether they’ll admit it or not). If they stick to the basics of what for them this far, it will be another great game, one for the history books. Love my Tigers!
  12. Preach... along with Tanner and Thundur!! Hard to single just one. All have great “legs”.
  13. Cardiac kids is correct. May I use this in the future? I’ve needed extra blood pressure meds for the past two weeks. Great games both times on both sides of the field. Our kids have played together from PeeWee Football just like most and to finally see their love for the game produce this kind of result almost leaves one speechless. From first downs to penalties back to touchdowns, to fans cheering for you and against you, to hearing the final horn blow at the end of the game only to realize you won and you've made school history once again and the State Championship is within your grasp, it’s simply Amazing. Sorry to talk so proudly when technical details are usually the norm, but this quote just seemed to fit.
  14. If it’s pizza you’re after, then go to the Chef in Whitwell. It’s good pizza and it’s two for one.
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