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  1. Show me where I said that. .I said I was hoping west would win all their games which would be a long shot
  2. Yeah my fault I should have just stopped responding! Im out! Get ready for 2019
  3. Wow its amazing the people that seem to hate Henry County!
  4. Not only are u disrespecting HC but u are also disrespecting the 5A champs in Central with that statement. Central did beat us by 5 points that's it.
  5. Yeah that would be nice but when they said that I didnt know if it was true or not. I haven't heard that at all. Pretty cool if it is tho
  6. Yes hope we can get back to Cookeville soon. Would love to play Central again! A+ class organization!!! If we had to lose it honestly couldn't be to a more deserving team! Glad they got that 1st championship! I remember our 1st title and its an amazing feeling
  7. Let Alcoa play Greeneville! Alcoa would get that #### whooped!
  8. Is there any truth to what the broadcasters said today in the game about Jawon Odoms was getting interest from Tennessee??? He is a Sophomore by the way.
  9. Does anyone know what Central has returning next year? Is it a very big senior class
  10. Well tough loss for HC in the State Championship game but its already time to move on! Next year starts now! How does the team look for next year? Such as O-line, D-line etc.
  11. Congrats to Central! Well played game! As far as the playcalling all of that was what we have done all year..nothing new..that's what got us here.
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