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  1. Canceled Live Webcast Father Ryan Sunday 1/20/2019, Knox C and ND not able to make appearance for event
  2. Live Webcast Father Ryan Sunday 1/20/2019 Father Ryan vs Knox Catholic @ 1pm Father Ryan vs Notre Dame @ 2pm Broadcast can be seen at http://watchthegamelive.com/
  3. Live webcast of Brentwood Academy at Father Ryan can be seen at http://watchthegamelive.com/ Action begins at 7 PM
  4. Live webcast of MBA at Father Ryan Saturday Jan 12 at 7 PM can be seen at http://watchthegamelive.com/
  5. Video Replay of Johnny Drennan 1/5/2019 can be seen at http://watchthegamelive.com/
  6. I hope to have the replay up on monday, I will post the link when I get it ready
  7. Update on webcast time, will start at 3 pm, can be seen at http://watchthegamelive.com/
  8. Live webcast of the Johnny Drennan Invitational Championships at 4:00 PM (maybe on the time, for sure on the webcast) thttp://watchthegamelive.com/
  9. Live webcast Saturday Johnny Drennan Invitational Championships 4:00 PM (maybe on the time, forsure on the broadcast) http://watchthegamelive.com/
  10. Live video webcast of the Bradley - Father Ryan matches can be seen at http://watchthegamelive.com/ The remainder of Father Ryan`s wrestling webcast will be moved from ATWSportscast.com to http://watchthegamelive.com/ I`m switching over to a wordpress style site and also using a easier to remember name for viewers. Same people doing the webcast, still the same company, just a different name on the web. Thanks, Dean Johnson
  11. I do most of Father Ryan`s wrestling and Football streams and the only place I get turned down on is the Williamson County school system. They have a rule (think this was passed by the Williamson County Board of Ed several years ago) that there will be no live webcasting from any of their school sporting events, but will allow a delayed broadcast to be uploaded the following day to youtube, Vimeo, etc. This information was given to me by two different school officials in Williamson county this year (one at Ravenwood and one at Brentwood) Thanks, Dean Johnson ATWSportscast.com
  12. Live webcast of Father Ryan vs Wilson Central Thursday Nov 28 can be seen at 5PM at https://www.fatherryan.org/page/athletics/behind-the-crest/wrestling-broadcast
  13. We are location right now and it appears the webcast will not start until 12:30 or 1, seems to be a scheduling problem
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