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  1. racer1

    Best Team in West Tn in each class!?

    I don't think they will see Humboldt unless both make it to state.
  2. racer1

    Best Team in West Tn in each class!?

    No they don't go thru Memphis,they have an easier path to state.
  3. racer1

    District 14A

    TCA are well coach team.They are small .the coaches son is best player on team.Trenton should not have a problem.
  4. racer1

    District 14A

    Humboldt 59 Peabody 42 end of 3rd
  5. racer1

    District 14A

    Humboldt 35 Peabody 26 halftime
  6. racer1

    2A Championship Trousdale Co vs. Peabody

    TC is the best team Peabody played except for Milan.Both teams defense were awesome. Injurings part of game,you are not going to make it to championship game without players having injuring .As for 2a not being as good as 1a, could've been true for years.I remember when Union City was in 1a they dominated, when they got to 2a they did the same.i really believed the two best teams played in championship game.I think either team could of won.It just happen Peabody won when it counted the most.I really think both teams showed the other teams weakness. From a fan I really enjoyed watching these young men from both teams represent their towns well. CONGRATULATIONS to all young men on both teams for the great football they played this year!
  7. racer1

    2A Championship Trousdale Co vs. Peabody

    Peabody defense has given up yards all year but in the red zone they have played awesome all year. CONGRATULATIONS PEABODY
  8. racer1

    South Gibson over Haywood

    i think South Gibson have one of the best shooting teams in west tenn. For them to go real deep they need to play better defense..Was not a top Haywood team we are used to seeing.