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  1. saw coffee county play this week and my lady rebels will have a tough time again this upcoming season have not seen Warren County or the eaglettes play. did witness coffee beating Tullahoma by 30 points and was not impressed with the new hires one I recognized from Columbia who did not have a great record. hoping We get to play the wild kittens I do think that is a win has anyone seen warren county at camp?
  2. did GH not name coach c yet? what do you know about Wilson central
  3. so a record does not mean anything when you are able to go get your own kids to fit your system? Blackman was not good because they were a new school and not full with all grade levels but after two years they got kids from other places who were zoned Blackman. best of luck to the ladies and coach he will inherit an already disciplined team with a winning tradition the last seven years so I guess the college record will not follow him as you say
  4. i keep hearing this statement but the record at his last stop does not justify these comments. below 500 record and it is not like tullahoma will have these high caliber players like Blackman does. he picked tullahoma and the question is why and everyone does know he will not be there long
  5. I do not think many will apply because the assistants, if they are still there, will get the job.
  6. I would find that hard to believe they would hire a former coach as the assistant when this former coach was fired for money reasons along with not being there an entire summer when she was the head coach. we love her in fc but she bounces around everywhere
  7. granddaughter played at fc and talked to a player who lives here says that a couple girls were not happy about playing time so parents got involved with principal and the old coach did not want parent or principal involvement so resignation happened
  8. always been the problem over there but did not know about the soccer probation that is news. this new coach will be gone soon but from all the talk over here he seems like the best hire the wildkittens have ever made and certainly better than a middle school coaching hire but I agree with earlier post they will be searching again in a few years once a big time Murfreesboro job opens up and he can return there.
  9. good hire unfortunately for them they will be looking for another head coach in three years he will move on as fast as he moved in
  10. take that as a no or as a nobody really interesting or exciting. it is not a very good job currently
  11. sounds like administration around these parts and it just happens to go on everywhere
  12. lot of common acquaintances through softball volleyball and basketball with my son and daughter and now granddaughter over the years
  13. parents of the program said check with your high school principal before you make statements. maybe the new coach will have better luck.
  14. we have had our fair share of issues that I will agree with and can not dispute. but i will say we have one of our own who we have not told to get lost and she has not won a district championship as you mentioned but she works hard with a competitive team each year. no sense in running good young coaches off when it is already hard to find people who want to deal with such a tough profession. if it is still posted then nobody has jumped off the page at those doing the hiring and anyone with any sense would do their homework before applying and try to find out why the previous coach in the program would leave. parents? administration? I am happy to keep our kids at franklin county
  15. they could not even get our girls assistant in franklin county to apply for the job that is how bad the situation is
  16. is any coach going to go there with administrators running off good coaches? it has always been a place that coaches go to just win a few games and then go to the next better job available. it is good for my rebelettes maybe we will keep some of our girls in franklin county the next few years
  17. south side high school never let it slip away the bees flat took it from those young ladies. long road back lol
  18. no ball handlers they will be down twenty versus Upperman if they can not dribble and pass any better than they did versus a not so defensive talented page team
  19. and page just letting it slip away with poor coaching and bad substitutions and the officials have been awful as I watch on nfhs
  20. cookeville looks like most complete team and if it is cavaliers and bearden come Saturday I will want to make the trip to see that
  21. Now that is funny. I agree playing difficult teams is necessary but when you are playing your beat and Lady Luck have a lot to do with it. just ask our district champion coffee county
  22. page would have to figure out how to stop the inside game Upperman has
  23. was the monson girl hurt for Blackman because all I heard all year was how good she was. bearden has good defense but she had a lot of open looks and missed a lot of shots. understand the boilermakers decision over southeastern conference now
  24. I agree very bad officials in the state tournament same ones get games and it is a shame
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