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  1. Ex metro guy. Outsider now
  2. PC you guys are delusional. No good balls , 80 plus players year and out in 3A, y'all recruit the best in the city , y'all win freshmen city championships , y'all have the best staff ( in your mind) and yet can't win when it matters . It y'all want participation trophies and honorable mention then you guys WIN... Who wants recognition for coming in 3rd? 3A is not competitive at all until you reach 3rd round with the talent you have . Y'all should do less talking and more working. You definitely don't hear the other programs talk this much , you guys cause the stereotype for metro. Loudest one in the room is usually the weakest I've always heard . If you're doing so good you shouldn't have to tell anyone they would already know . Like White Owl said the statement was based off the current staffs . CR has never loss to a metro school. CR plays Indy , Whitehaven , Ravenwood, Brentwood year in and out why the heck would they "run" from PC? Playoff time they are battle tested and ready to go. They don't schedule republic with an ready weak district schedule. These are facts once again . You pick and choose what to talk about . East Nasty you have to stop the madness, you guys do less with more. You can't talk about lumped up when y'all loss to a less talented Fairview team. And I would love to see any other metro team line up against Oakland and see a different outcome . You get butthurt and offended when the truth hits you hard . Do y'all have a great program at PC ? Yes but y'all do what's expected year in and out nothing more . Do y'all have a great program at East? Of course not , the kids keep y'all a float but the coaches is atrocious. Does Hillsboro have a good program? Yes but they can't get over the hump of Beech in the playoff time, they are well prepared but always falls short. But none of those programs want to be recognized for coming in 3rd place when they should have the most gold balls in metro .
  3. CR has not loss to a metro school under this leadership they have now . So don't disregard it . You pick and choose what u want to focus on out of my statements and you choose the one thing you felt you could argue . As I stated before I said "IMO" but nothing I said was made up or fabricated
  4. "IMO" CR is the best program, they never loss to a metro school and they beat top notched program year in and out . They play a competitive school and really no cake walks. They have a solid staff and seem to be on the same page with each other , Dont know much about Hillsboro staff other than the HC is a legend and their DC and OC is pretty good but year in and out they win a competitive schedule as well. With coaching change the program still excels . PC is always successful but always struggle in the big game , they always lose when the competition is even and seem to get out coached in the big game as well. Idk much about their staff neither other than they are divided . They should have a couple championships with the talent they have had since Fitzgerald departure but that hasn't happened especially with the raving about winning freshmen/ frosh championships . East has been very talented but they don't seem well coached . They put more time on pregame rituals than trying to win the game . These are the only 4 programs worth mentioning in metro. Co op teams are happening everywhere none more beneficial than MLK with pearl several of their athletes that went to the next level have been from MLK than any other Co op. If it wasn't a big factor PC coach wouldn't have cried / requested for them to come to PC.
  5. I'd love to know who applied for this gig
  6. Never heard this name just heard the scenario. I'm really not shocked
  7. Overton has turned into a dumpster fire. Fired Williams wrongfully and hired a staff member. Metro and their ways will be the decline of athletics.
  8. No excuse . That's a horrible excuse at that . Everyone under the TSSAA umbrella should have to play by the sea rules no exceptions . This guy can come to your games and school and it's ok but this one can't . The logic behind that is unacceptable. If I coached in metro and I wanted a kid and the kid wants to play at my school why not let him, heck BA MBA FR does it and no one complains .
  9. Overton's options are subpar this will be another setback for that program which use to be a very sought out job .I don't know who applied but if these were the best options nobody significant applied .
  10. Sad but true . Black coaches win they are cheating or they have athletes. White coaches win they're a good coach and they discipline the kids . Black coaches lose they are undisciplined and rely on athletes , white coach loses they are still a good coach but people steal their kids . That is the basic run down on perspective of coaches in metro based off these threads .
  11. With both schools not making their minds up, makes me believe their choices will be someone who is not a knock out hire . I haven't even heard of any good applicants for the Overton job. Does anyone know who applied
  12. I was told they have started. Don't know how many or who but they have started
  13. Good luck to Antioch and their hire, hopefully it will be better than their last
  14. Work just know it happened. New school community involvement is needed. Waite beating him head up means nothing . They honestly should they have, they have best athletes but AB also has beaten Ingle Martin, Hester, Brunetti, Williams, Gore etc. And to top off the line of what's his mcgavock record . It's just like Gores sub par or right at it. so it's not a walk in the park there . FB Ralph went and when AB took over he went and also went to semis then back again. Also Work We can't say what anyone else would do at Maplewood cause we don't know when the 2 3A coaches u mentioned haven't done it , FB you can't give credit to a guy that isn't coaching there no more so save the that's his team line cause their state run was 2 yrs after RT was gone . If that's the case all the success PC has had goes to MF since he fed all his SC kids to PC. Did a little research and asking around on some of this stuff. Facts are facts . Now back to work I go
  15. Wardog it's obvious you're just here to troll and say racist remarks as well. This chat is full of grown men debating with no hard feelings. But you come in and belittle everything and everyone , so please just stop it would you. Either you have multiple accounts holder or someone that wants attention. Cut out the trash talking about kids especially if you don't want anyone to so call bash Raymond.
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