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  1. Great post. I agree 100%. We waverly people would complain if they hired Saben really.
  2. Great post. I agree 100%. We waverly people would complain if they hired Saben really.
  3. Apparently that’s how it works. JP is right. I guess we need to leave it alone. Apparently some feelings got hurt over that comment. But the other guy even admitted that baseletball supported football in the dark ages. So apparently each sport does not fund themselves.
  4. Oh ok. Well it’s not done until they announce it in my eyes. I prefer to see him on the field before I get too excited. But it does appear to be so. Let’s just get it done before waverly burns down or has a civil war. That last thread was a doozy.
  5. I do know who you are talking about. I hate it for him since “they” believe it’s him but apparently “they” are flustered. Interesting. I don’t really understand why they are so worried about me.
  6. Good try... but rob is not my name. Think what you wish.
  7. This may be one of our biggest problems in Humphreys County.Look in the 100 range
  8. If you say so, I don’t believe you at all. You are obviously a company person and have an ax to grind with McConnell. Many of you have a high level of jealousy about his success with the program. He is a winner and will be a winner wherever he goes. I am glad to see him move on in hindsight. Hopefully a local boy can continue to win and even take us to the next level. That is if the parents of these boys let him.
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