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    Henry County Patriot Football.
    Class 5A State Champions 2011 & 2013!
    Class 5A State Runner Up 2018

    I'm a big fan and supporter of the Henry County Patriots football team after several years of following the program! I have a deep love and am very passionate about the Patriots! As always....

    GO BIG RED!!!

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  1. We shall see...hope to get that first game in.
  2. I wouldnt consider it a massive outbreak compared to some of the other counties in Tennessee but we went from 121 cases to 151 yesterday. Idk I guess they are just using caution but...
  3. No they haven't. They pushed that back until I believe Aug. 30th
  4. We are having conflicting stories at the moment. Hang on...
  5. Last year wasnt too interesting lol. Maybe we can give a better game this year
  6. Yeah this is going to be a lot better game than what we gave Haywood last year. Haywood is pretty stacked again from what I understand.
  7. What's the thoughts? Looks like football is coming back Aug. 21.
  8. Oh ok. The seniors do deserve their season no question about that.
  9. I'm glad for the players and I'm ready for football no doubt. Just hope it was the best decision for everyone involved. I just saw a little about it but did I see right where season would start on time? Practice to start immediately?
  10. I've been saying it. Football is not going to happen this fall. Too much going on right now men. Nothing has really changed and that's the biggest problem right now.
  11. So what is everyone's thoughts about this season?
  12. TSSAA says daily player temperature check, fan temperature check, if players have a temp of 100.4 they are sent home until they can prove its not from Covid-19. No concessions. I applaud the TSSAA for looking out for the people and trying to do the right thing. Sounds good to me.
  13. Sounds like the Yanker might have just got Yanked!
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