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  1. I understand. This is just very disappointing for everyone.
  2. This post is just perfect to piss a bunch of people off and start arguments. As a a parent of a senior who is affected by this, I just want to saw I am sorry for each and everyone of these heartbroken athletes who lost their chance to go and shine at what they love.
  3. So Coach West is the 5th best coach. Peyton West isn’t good enough to be district MVP. Only two Monterey players made the all district team. Somebody somewhere is wrong. I’ll let y’all figure out who while we go hang out with our brothers from Clay County next week in Murfreesboro.
  4. Just curious who is the better team this season Monterey or Clay in your opinion?
  5. I would love to hear your reasoning behind this?
  6. Region Champs. Not bad for the “5th best coach”!!
  7. I believe the two best teams made it to the regional championship. It should be an exciting game Thursday night on a neutral floor. Clay will be the favorite but I look for an upset.
  8. I was counting this season and the previous 2 seasons. My point is no one has done any better than Monterey in the last two seasons. No doubt Clay has been a powerhouse for a long time and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.
  9. I believe Coach West has more wins in the last three seasons than any coach listed?
  10. I believe Clay and Monterey locked up the top two seeds last night.
  11. Monterey is just as good as Clay. I do believe either team could win on a given night. So I think it is a toss up. Some really great young men on both teams. I also believe Peyton should be the MVP. He is the most talented and a difference maker. Marsh is an excellent player but Peyton wins games. His record as a starter is unmatched in the district over the last three years. IMO.
  12. 1. Monterey - can play with most anyone 2. Pickett County - underestimated 3. Clay/ Gordonsville - toss up 4. Jackson County- improving 5. RBS- two players shy of being a real threat
  13. How you got them ranked now?
  14. I think he is one of the best coaches in the state. But I also believe he is losing some really special players. Clay and Monterey should make for some great games next year. But don’t count Monterey out this year. We don’t win pretty sometimes but we win.
  15. Monterey should be the favorite next year. We will lose only one player.
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