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  1. Tell that to the seniors of those teams who will only have nine guaranteed games... Where I come from, each game is valued because 95% of the kids on the team will never put on helmets or shoulder pads after their senior season. In my opinion, the players from these schools are being punished for another institutions lack of organization and communication. It upsets me because it is not what is best for those, kids which is unacceptable.
  2. Actually would have made a huge difference... If you knew anything, you would know that by December 99% of schedules are locked in. Additionally, do you know the logistics involved in playing a team in another state?
  3. So to sum up your proclamations from this thread: Ward is coming back to Camden if Blow leaves Blow lets you read his game plans You actually understand his game plans and acknowledge that they are among the best You just got off the phone with the principal and he promises that he is not trying to get another job You speak with non faculty assistant coaches about the state of the program behind the head coaches back Did I get everything?
  4. Not bashing anyone. I think McDowell and Blow are great men. However, being a great man does not make you a great coach. I wish it were that easy, but unfortunately its not. I do not remember even mentioning/bashing any players. Even Beagle acknowledged a lack of discipline within the program. Is he a "keyboard hero" as well? Camden would be a better school, in my opinion, if McDowell stayed. Also, I am still waiting to hear how many games you have attended...
  5. Why would he tell you anything else? Just wait... You will be hearing about a county in East Tn pretty soon.
  6. Facts are facts. He will be gone. Your principal is trying to leave as well.
  7. Good coaches are good teachers. It goes hand in hand. Also, what are we basing being a good teacher on? Evaluation scores? EOC scores? What, in your opinion, makes them a great teacher?
  8. One can only hope. Not trying to be critical, but every young man should have access to a program that is run the right way. Football can improve a kid's life dramatically and it is sad to see some schools not embrace that fact.
  9. I agree that Blow is a first class human being. I know him personally and know several others who have played for him. However, it does not excuse mediocrity, a lack of discipline, and a bad on the field product in a region that they should be at least the 2 seed in.
  10. You have personally seen them play the past two seasons?
  11. The staff is not hard to do, but it would require some commitment from the current admin. Those teaching positions are vital to get coaches in the building. Which is another problem that I have seen with the program. Look outside of West TN for a moment and consider that most every turn around in the state begins with a massive staff change. One great example is Lebanon. I have also heard of one coach who will not be returning for sure do to his behavior. Lastly, any coach who would say something like that to anyone outside of the program shows you how bad things have gotten. That coach should also be removed from the program. Great coaching staffs keep problems in house and deal with them internally. Coincidentally, he is a non faculty coach that is not in the building. (Further proves my point)
  12. I personally know two different coaches in the region that were not notified until December. Bush league.
  13. Totally agree with the statement on lack of discipline. From what I heard, that lack of discipline stems from Blow's lack of control over coaches/players. I think that Blow is a great guy, but ultimately the head coach must set the standard. In my opinion, the administration should consider someone with ties to the program, but no ties to the current staff. If a staff has been allowed to do as they wish, it can be very difficult to rein them in. At the very least, the new guy should be allowed to re interview the current staff. In my opinion, it would be tough for a guy like Wolfe to be objective with the current staff, as he worked alongside most of them. Think back to when Ward got the job originally. Brought in Blow, Vassar, Knott, Sturdivant, Wyatt. He had to do that to be successful. A new coach must be allowed to bring in his guys to have a chance.
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