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  1. Anybody have any info on this tournament. Not reporting results on track and I'm wondering if weather may have postponed. Thanks for the help.
  2. I love it. Too bad it’s not a reality. This is the way it should be.
  3. There are two sides to this coin. Yes, Cleveland has an attitude and well deserved. Despite some advantages here and there they have worked hard and are winning. With that attitude is a target. Things that happen in every match might be ignored but because it’s a Cleveland wrestler it gets called. I personally have never seen a Cleveland wrestler be anything but sportsmanlike until I saw the Jones match. Completely unacceptable behavior but in a tough fight your heart out sport, I don’t think this incident is a reflection of Cleveland’s program.
  4. Wrestlers, parents and fans deserve better venue. Look and sound is bad. Too many empty seats.
  5. Should have made the trilp. Doesn’t look like it’s going to run.
  6. Mat schedule looking like Mat 5 for AAA finals. Hope the stream works.
  7. Same here, no mat 9 or 10. Furious.
  8. Happen”s too much unfortunately. Been on the wrong end of these too many times. There is a “by the book”decision here that really affects matches. Sometimes a wrestlers strengths aren’t by the book.
  9. Mcdaniel by pin Borders beats Bradford close Cannon wins close Palmer Stud Too close to call - coin flip Henderson too tough - respect to Pendley I have been doubting Lundy all year. A guy you doubt until you see him wrestle. No more. Much respect to Pergande but Lundy heads to UTC with state title. Sweeny Fields but really enjoy Pietarila's style Fowler unstoppable Toss up - both wrestlers awesome. I lean Antcliffe. Williams - Much respect to Perez. Lost last week to Gibson, comes back and wrestles much better match. Just too much - Coffey by pin Oh boy. Jadon has as many genes as Kramer. Howard, Lionel, Quantel, Caleb. Sophmore but hungry. Ready to eat. Jadon in upset. Love all the posts. Good luck to all.
  10. Jadon Lankford has been peaking at right time. He is one to watch.
  11. Watching the match live I thought Laxton dominated Hernandez. At that weight Laxton has a good shot.
  12. Paid $30 bucks to see the Region 4 duals. Soddy doesn't show up, Walker wrestles Bradley. Then Bradley forfeits to Cleveland. One bad match and the duals are set. If you can wrestle you should wrestle. There is no way it is acceptable to walk away from a match. Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere.
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