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  1. You seem kinda tender about this topic. I didn't start the debate or conversation about travel/foul with 11 seconds left. I was not griping pouting or making excuses about the game. I didn't care who won and I was simply sharing a view from a neutral perspective. You obviously don't have a neutral perspective. I thought it was humorous that one side is convinced there was a walk and the other equally convinced there was a foul and I say there was neither.
  2. Not a fan of either team. There was no travel and also no foul imo. A player can lift their pivot foot off the floor and either pass or shoot. it is not a travel until pivot foot comes back to the court. She stepped twice with her non pivot foot and may have confused the official with the three steps. Seems a shame to end a final this way. I'm sure that wasn't the only call missed in the game.
  3. All of this drama regarding Loudon basketball is really a shame. This program is having a phenominal year and the kids and coaching staff and administration should be enjoying this special year instead of having to devote time and energy and emotional fuel to get through this. No one knows how the rest of this year will turn out nor will we know how much this distraction will alter the path of their season. I feel bad for the players involved and also the young player all of whom were dragged innocently into this controversy. In my opinion the sooner people can let go of what has happened and put it in the rear view mirror the better. As we all know a season like this doesnt happen all that often. Regarding the gift of Mr. Casteel I would like to say he has accomplished a lot since he has been at Greenback. Their test scores are way above where they were before he arrived. In order to get Greenback where they are today he had to install discipline and insist that the kids came to class on time and did the work assigned. Part of the discipline involved insisting that teachers do more and therein lies the resentment towards him in my opinion. Greenback not only has excelled academically under Mr. Casteel but their sports programs as a whole have been outstanding. Test scores are up graduation rates are up and more kids are graduating college ready. Mr. Casteel is a good man and deserves credit and more support from the community than he currently gets.
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