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  1. War wouldn't have prepared the Indians for this assault. JNS doesn't belong on the floor with them. Where is the white flag??? HOLY SMOKES, RUN THE CLOCK Greeneville 41 JNS 13 at Halftime Hope Greeneville has some KY Jelly they can take to the indians locker room before the start of 3rd quarter. #SavageSpeaks
  2. I agree. I believe Bartlett is a longer, faster, more skilled version of Beech. Like i said in previous post, I think Beech will run up and down the floor with them which will make it a long day for boys from Hendersonville.
  3. West Carroll. - They have the best player on the court in Anglin. WC by a small margin. MAHS. - I believe this game will get ugly. I have been wrong before before, but this MAHS team has next level next level bunnies and are relentless until they score. They will pressure the ball unlike anything East has ever faced. The pace of this game of this game will be very interesting. Only gets ugly if full on track meet imo. Clay Co. - Clay is just going to be a little better in this game. Good performance from Strong and Clay wins by about 10. McKenzie. - Yes, I know, Peabody is the favorite and by most accounts should win... But their team is up in the air at the moment and the coach doesn't have any control the that team. Meanwhile, McKenzie is playing solid team basketball and I believe pulls the upset and gets the dub. #SavageSpeaks
  4. If last night was your first time seeing the Ravens, you didn't get to see them kick it into gear. I felt like they were just playing a game down at the YMCA, had it in cruise control from the tip.
  5. Dobyns-Bennett. - Coffee Co. gets a fairly good draw in game one and will fight hard until the buzzer sounds. They simply won't have enough against DB, as they (DB) win by somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 points. Bartlett- Beech has had a tremendous season and will give Bartlett a good run up and down the floor, and yes, this should be a track meet. Knox and company get it done in a high scoring thriller. Game total around 145 for this game. Cane Ridge- This may be the Ravens toughest test. Bearden is well coached and will have a scheme for Brandon Miller and the Ravens offense. They should take one out of Walker Valley's playbook last night and play a box and 1, sag the box, and force the other 4 to shoot threes. However, all that and more wouldn't stop Brandon Miller from leading his team to the semi-finals. NBA caliber three level scorer. Clarksville- This will be the most interesting game of the day in AAAA. I fear Lebanon falls into a 3 point shooting contest that results in an L for them. They (Lebanon) must be relentless attacking the rim and crash the offensive glass to advance to the semis. #SavageSpeaks
  6. Let's hear who and why? Coffee Co. vs Dobyns-Bennett Bartlett vs Beech Bearden vs Cane Ridge Lebanon vs Clarksville
  7. Let's hear who and why? Greeneville vs Jackson Northside Stone Memorial vs Bolton Jackson Southside vs Clinton Fulton vs Fayette-Ware
  8. Let's hear who and why? Summertown vs East Nashville Power Center vs Brainerd Bolivar vs Tyner York vs Milan
  9. Let's hear who and why? Hampton vs West Carroll MAHS vs East Robertson North Greene vs Clay Co. McKenzie vs Peabody
  10. SS and NS will both most likely be in Murfreesboro. Region 5AAA is so weak. Not one team from that region would win Single A state. He didn't back paddle, he was just unaware of where SS was headed. However, Greeneville is 15 points better than both SS and NS.
  11. Did you know that hand check is a foul?
  12. What a shocker!!! Savage Speaks again... Nail biter with Lebanon winning, all led by 4 star Jarred Hall Congrats to Blue Devils
  13. Yeah Yeah Yeah. The Savage will be here to bring all the heat throughout the rest of the season.
  14. Beech vs Lebanon officiating is right there with it, trust me
  15. Savage Speaks again. Clay County wins by 20 and has a chance against the Memphis teams in Murfreesboro... East Robertson has no chance. Congrats to Clay Co on the region championship. 18 wins in a row means nothing when the competition is inferior...
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