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  1. Should be based on how strong District 4 is this year. The entire bracket is set up for Bearden to walk into the championship game to face Maryville or Farragut again.
  2. Tonight should be interesting, you have in most eyes a #4 favored over a #1. Oak Ridge is in a show me game tonight.
  3. Josh Jones- OC at Powell Jury is still out but for the time, I'll throw his name in the conversation. Loaded with young recruited talent across the board, but underachieved this year.
  4. It's that time of year again! The state is loaded this year with talent in the circle with SR and JR . Should be a fun year of big numbers.
  5. Bearden is #1 in the district winning both.
  6. Should be for sure, maybe the toughest district in the state.
  7. Farragut has played their way out of the conversation as this point. Dropping a game to Heritage since this post putting them in 4th I believe in the district.
  8. absolutely. Seems they are throwing more things on the wall that seem good behind closed doors but don't make for good common sense.
  9. screaming coaches and crazy, over excited parents in the stands have less droplets than cheerleaders. Makes sense.
  10. It's a cluster. Cheerleaders, dance and their families are held out. But if you have a JV/freshman game before the varsity games they can stay. Should of been like the old rec days, arrives 1 hour before your game time and leave after it's over.
  11. Cheerleaders/dance team and their parents should get approval before grandparents.
  12. Since this post, it has become clearer. 1, Maryville- beat Farragut at FHS 65-49, behind 27 by Fritz. 2. Bearden- beat Farragut in OT at FHS. Trailed the entire game until final 2 seconds. 3. Farragut- has shown again they can beat lesser teams easy but struggle with athletic teams and size.
  13. Denae Fritz of Maryville, kid had 17 against Farragut in the first 8 mins. Ended the game with 27 pts. in a route
  14. Region yes, I was referring to who comes out of that district.
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