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  1. That’s awesome. I didn’t know what her final numbers were with her being hurt the final few weeks.
  2. What was her final stat line for the year?
  3. How did this year go? Who you got?
  4. Lexington won 4-3 and Forrest won the if game right after 4-2.
  5. Forrest won AA, Farragut won AAA
  6. I'll stick with Huntland. Strong pitching and I thought whoever won the Huntland Eagleville games would be the one to take it at State.
  7. I was surprised by the Union Co vs Gibbs outcome. Should be an interesting night for both teams as the roles were reversed.
  8. Who pitched for Eagleville last night?
  9. Fresh arms are key right now and could be the difference.
  10. Seems Danley is throwing well now and has settled in after her injury last year.
  11. then I'll got back to my previous stance
  12. 1-0 and 2-1 in both of their games. They'll win it in the circle, if not them I'll go with CA
  13. One of these two I say win it all. Eagleville has won both regular season games so odds are for them.
  14. Alcoa could be a sleeper in East TN, they have enough to be trouble in the postseason to make it far.
  15. Gibbs is solid as expected, pitching will dictate how far they go. Not much depth behind the #1.
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