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  1. If I am correct, the National Preps this year is the same weekend this year as the Tennessee State Championships. I know that has been an issue in the past but would not be an issue this year. Actually this year would be the perfect year to do this since the Prep is the same weekend. I want to go ahead a say, in no way do I want to take anything away from any one of these great wrestlers that work their tails off to become a state placer. No matter what it is a great accomplish. I just want to give all these wrestlers another chance at a high level tournament that they might not be able to get due to a number of reasons. There are great wrestlers in all the divisions and many of them have aspirations of wrestling in college. This would be another chance to show case their wrestling against top level talent.
  2. Would it be better if we did a weigh in on Friday night(that way they can eat for Saturday morning and have an earlier start to the tournament) and added say 3lbs to the state weight classes on Saturday, meaning 106 + 2lbs Christmas allowance + 2lbs allowance for consecutive days wrestling = 110lbs + 3lbs allowance making 106lbs now 113lbs and 113lbs now 120lbs. Would that be a better way to be more encouraging to kids to come? I know that doesn't make sense since at that point every weight class bumps up, but that would allow wrestlers to eat and not worry as much about cutting weight, and most wrestlers bump up for the next season anyways. I would want to invite all 6 placers and then place the top 6 from there, but am open to all suggestions. Jacob Freeman Head Coach MTSU Wrestling [email protected]com
  3. Goodmorning wrestling family! I was curious as to what has stopped us from creating a tournament that invites the state players from all the divisions for a tournament in the past? I know the National Prep is one big reason. What would the interest in this be? I would like to put something together at MTSU if there is an interest. My idea was more along the lines of doing a Triple Crown of sorts, inviting the 6 place winners from division at state to a tournament that would include folkstyle, freestyle, and Greco for the guys division and freestyle and Greco for the girls division. Would this be of interest to anyone? I thought about having a freestyle and Greco clinic that would be open to all wrestlers before this as well to kind of kick start the freestyle and Greco season. Please respond to this or email me at [email protected] with your suggestions on dates etc and if your wrestlers would be interested in this. Or if you have freestyle/Greco experience or known someone who does that would like to be a clinician. If you have any other ideas that you would like to see happen I would've to hear those as well. Thank you, Jacob Freeman Head Coach MTSU Wrestling [email protected]
  4. My fiance lost her engagement ring at the beginner tournament yesterday at Siegel High School. If anyone may have found it, please give me a call at 615-714-5484 or Coach Freeman of Siegel High School at 615-598-8419. She is pretty torn up about losing it so please if you were at the tournament ask your parents and wrestlers if they have seen it. If you think you have found it, I can send a picture of it to verify it. Thank you for your time and good luck this season! Coach Freeman MTSU Head Wrestling Coach [email protected] 615-714-5484
  5. WrestlingGod, that is correct! I had a few schools contact me after my finals match as well! Yes there is always chances to move up and I am more than happy to help anyone who wants to come compete at MTSU for whatever their reasons may be, reach whatever their goals are whether it is to simple continue their love for the sport of wrestling, have a stepping stone to a higher level of collegiate competition, or even a higher level such as international competitions. We are working hard to help all of our wrestlers reach whatever their goals are! We currently have a wrestler that's goal is to transfer to a D-1 school, more specifically Iowa, to wrestle. We will be videoing our matches and contacting their coaches along with other schools coaches after seeing where he is at after this season to try to get him to his goal. I will take any amount of kids and any amount of years any wrestler wishes to compete at MTSU as my main goal is to grow the sport in Tennessee as a whole and give the kids another opportunity to continue their careers in the sport they love!
  6. Also a little more incentive/information that might be interesting to some, you can compete in the NCWA right out of high school for up to 3 entire years and still be eligible for 4 years of NCAA wrestling! That is 7 years of college wrestling! If that piques your interest let me know! Jacob Freeman MTSU Wrestling Head Coach [email protected].com 
  7. Goodmorning wrestling family! Your MTSU Blue Raiders have had a quiet fall semester but we have been working hard getting better each week! Our spring semester we will be competing more and will be looking to get after it on the mat in search of some national titles! Our spring semester schedule is as follows: *subject to change* January: 18th - Volunteer Duals @UTK 19th - Tornado Women's Open @King College Feburary: 2nd - Cumberland Open @Cumberland University 9th - Newberry Open @Newberry College 22nd - Emmanuel Women's Open @Emmanuel College 28th - Mid-Atlantic Conference Tournament 29th - Mid-Atlantic Conference Tournament March: 12th - NCWA National Championships 13th - NCWA National Championships 14th - NCWA National Championships We are also doing our best to recruit as many wrestlers as possible in the hope to grow our team the sport at the collegiate level. We have both a men's and women's wrestling team in which we are trying to grow both programs. Our men's team competes in folkstyle in the NCWA, but do not let that discourage you from joining. We compete against every level of competition from NCAA D-1 to NAIA to NCWA. A lot of wrestlers compete in the NCWA in order to get more time to prepare for the NCAA level. When I competed here at MTSU back in 2015 the wrestler who I wrestled in the national finals went to the Navy Academy the next season and made the D-1 NCAA Championship Tournament as a freshman. The wrestler who won the weight class below us went on to compete for Maryland's D-1 program. As for our women's team, they too compete in the NCWA in folkstyle, but we compete in both folkstyle and freestyle throughout the year in order to maximize our competitions and get ready for the next level! So whether you are looking to continue wrestling for fun, or looking for that stepping stone to the next level we would love you have as many wrestlers, both men and women, on our team as possible. If you know of anyone who might be interested or know of anyone you believe I should get in contact with and keep an eye out for this year or in the future please let me know. Hope to see you all around this season at tournaments! Good luck everyone this season! And do not forget, GO BLUE RAIDERS! Jacob Freeman MTSU Wrestling Head Coach [email protected]
  8. You can also go to this link and do ate on Facebook! Thank you all for your help and support! https://www.facebook.com/donate/821414921594002/?fundraiser_source=external_url Thank you, Coach Freeman
  9. Good evening wrestling community! It is getting close to season and we are looking for some sponsors! I have included links to both our Sponsor form and our new fundraiser called the MTSU Wrestling Pin Pool! It encourages our wrestlers to work on in order to have success on the mat by the sponsors paying a pledged amount of money per pin that the team accumulates during the course of the season! Please email us at [email protected] with any questions you may have or with your sponsorship form(s)! Your sponsorship is tax-deductible and will to pay for the teams' travel costs, tournament fees, equipment, etc! Thank you for your time and support of your MTSU Blue Raiders Wrestling Team! Thank you, Coach Freeman https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vS05M69OkWrBTZ6pPzlJbB1GiZTnd5mHzV-TYhBdr0zXNiPI5GqtmLGrFt7fQsIZbZeflA0DDb_gkE3/pub https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vQX8ykvI24kYb0amkjx0TEEhfbqY8X_1aJ27m8k7rgTZc8pSiqRLVoWYQ0HenW8DJ5pOqD4Ybrf4kso/pub
  10. Dear Wrestling Family: We are looking for some help from you! We are needing to fundraise money to provide gear, transportation, hotels, entry fees, etc for your Middle Tennessee State University Blue Raiders Wrestling team! We want to ask you for any donations you may be able to give and to spread the word to all your friends, family, peers, and companies that we are asking for donations for the team! We are looking to host a tournament or two this season to raise money! If you or your company would like to make a donation please email me at [email protected] and we can discuss the terms of an agreement to advertise for your company at our camps and tournaments. We are trying to build the best program we can here at MTSU for both our young men and young women! Thank you, Coach Freeman Head Coach of MTSU Men's and Women's Wrestling Teams [email protected]
  11. We are turning in the use of facility form for September 28th! I will post updates on here as we get them!
  12. MTSU Wrestling Club is looking into hosting a preseason tournament/Super 32 warm up here in Murfreesboro for all ages. Wrestlers will be divided up by weight classes, age, and experience as much as possible so the more participants the better we can divide everyone up. Not sure the details yet but I am looking at September 28th or October 5th as the date(any thoughts?). When I figure out all the information I will get it uploaded on trackwrestling and then will post the information and link here. Thank you, Coach Freeman Head Coach MTSU Wrestling [email protected]
  13. Hey wrestling family! I know this is last minute but I was going to see how much interest there would be if we had a camp on July 31st and August 1st. It would be for all ages and both boys and girls and probably 9am-4pm with a lunch(bring your own) break from 12pm-1pm. The cost would be $50/person coaches and parents are welcome to come and watch free of charge!! Email me at [email protected] if you are interested!!! Thank you Coach Freeman Head Coach at MTSU Wrestling
  14. Darren I just sent you an email. Thank you, Jacob Freeman Head Coach of MTSU Wrestling [email protected]
  15. Hello wrestling family! I want to get the word out there for any wrestlers that are looking to wrestle in college both next year and beyond that the MTSU Wrestling Team would love to talk to you and have you join our team! Coaches if you know of any of your wrestlers that may be interest please send them my way! We are trying to build the program back up to even higher heights than we were when I wrestled back in 2015 when we placed 3rd at the NCWA National Dual Championships! I am looking to build not only a top notch team, but a dynasty here at MTSU! Please let me know if you or anyone you know are interested in a future wrestling career at MTSU! Eligibility rules are different when it comes to starting your college wrestling career at an NCWA program versus an NCAA, NCJAA, or NAIA program! We are also looking for any sponsors/companies to wanting to sponsor the team or make a donation to the team in order to raise money for tournament fees, travel, equipment, etc! If you would like to help or know someone who would please let me know! Jacob Freeman Head Coach at Middle Tennessee State University Wrestling Email: [email protected] Cell: 615-714-5484
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