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  1. I don’t know if they are 25 points better than everyone but they are playing well put 97 up on Cherokee and 92 on jellico. They are very deep and well balanced. I just don’t know what everyone else in the region has to make a prediction.
  2. I’m a Hampton guy and I have total respect and admiration for trousdale county. They have been the example for most teams to try to be like. You guys have a great tradition and I know the type of teams you guys field every year. We are excited to be meeting you guys again and will give it our best shot. We will eventually get over that semifinal hump. Hope this is the year. You guys should at least know you’ve played a tough game come Saturday morning. Give it 100 percent every play and may the best team win and win or lose with class.
  3. If he didn’t run the ball, I would say he was definitely not 100 percent. He was a one man show against us (Hampton) in the first half.
  4. It would’ve been a little sweeter if we had sent them home but I like you guys so I’m happy either way. Lol
  5. I’m not sure I’m happier we won or SG lost. Lol
  6. I looked up the bylaws. It doesn’t say anything about odd number regions. It says on odd years the top team in bracket is home and even years bottom teams are. Time for us to make a trip. Lol
  7. Same for the dogs! I’m a big fan of Zac’s. Was his boss for a while. Great kid and loves cloudland.
  8. Looks like carter county was a little underestimated King. Congrats.
  9. If this isn’t the truest thing I have ever read on the T, I don’t know what is. Lol
  10. Hard to really tell. Hampton returns everyone and they are very deep. I think North Greene lost a few but you never know what they will have arrive through their connections.
  11. 21-0. Ballgame. Way to go dogs!
  12. I would like to see us use a few short passes to keep them honest.
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