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  1. Its finally game day. Been waiting for this game a few weeks now. Its the deciding game for seeding, maybe finally someone challenges for that district winning streak. If McMinn can establish a running game, its going to be a dogfight
  2. I wouldn't focus on Greeneville, I would be focusing on Betsy, but we already know they are repeating so there's nothing to look forward to in the 3rd round
  3. I'm not really sure, it could be the district he plays in and being over looked, or the fact that until here recently, mcminn was pretty irrelevant in games. But he is a darn good RB
  4. Thats a good question, i believe that McMinn scores more on Marivul than anyone else has this year and I also think Marivul will score on McMinn. I think it will come down to the 4th qtr and maybe McMinn can grind it out and run the clock
  5. I really dont think it matters, rain or not. McMinn is a predominantly run heavy team with a D1 prospect carrying the rock. I wouldn't think mud would be much a difference for them. What intrigues me most about this matchup is Marivuls strength, defense vs McMinn strength run game. Can McMinn be the team to expose them. From the grapevine, McMinn is very good at the LOS
  6. Its ufficully mackmen week. Eye dunt cee marivul keppen mackmen frum runen the bawl, eye cee marivul scurin a few on mackmen. But eye thenk it will be a mackmen wen at thee end of thee dey
  7. Not McMinn. Cleveland stands no chance. McMinn names the score
  8. Do we have an option to fast forward to next week?
  9. Its not so much playing Marivul, its scoring against Marivul. DB has a tendency to average 50+ in seasons but only score 7 against them in the playoffs. I do believe this is the more evenly contested game between the 2 in recent time, but everyone is over looking McMinn Co. They have looked impressive all year and each week better. DB vs Alcoa will tell us more. I think DB and Alcoa could go either way
  10. I see it coming between McMinn and Marivul. I don't see Bradley scoring too often on that defense
  11. If DB is the 1 seed then they are. If Mcminn somehow gets the 1 seed and DB gets the 2 then McMinn, Region 2 gets to host this year
  12. Are you going to watch Powell and West in the stands?
  13. I understand it as an attendance stamd point, but it would be nice for change and better quality matchups in rounds 1 and 2 and a different opponent than the typical every year.
  14. Do you think it would work or not. It would still keep travel down for the first few rounds. But in the playoffs I dont think travel should matter as much imo
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