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  1. You could give William Blount the same players as Alcoa or Maryville and they might I meant might win 2 games
  2. anyways why do you care? Any good players they or Heritage have end up at Maryville or Alcoa.They are feeder programs from Blount County All Star West and Blount County All Star East
  3. They can't block for him as seen by the 2 blocked extra points that happened
  4. The wimps at Coach T deleted my post about Alcoa.They were complaining about our Kentucky refs when they are a All Star team & sore losers.Plus some of their "fans" were trying to break into cars at the game out here in KY.We don't put up the that stuff boys
  5. Many schools such as GP,Grace cancelled on Lakeway so they only played 2 games.
  6. Sevier County is a joke but William Blount is a bigger joke.Those coaches there need to resign or be fired.Total garbage.Govs will NEVER be good.They need to be like White County & play 1A & 2A schools & not be eligible for the playoffs.What a pathetic joke.I am sure they will say oh what a moral victory.You are garbage.You guys couldn't beat Greenback I bet
  7. Tomorrow Night will be the JV Game William Blount vs Heritage.Alcoa & Maryville will be present so they can steal er scout the 2 good players on each team
  8. https://www.johnsoncitypress.com/Football/2019/09/05/Stats-for-Crockett-won-t-count-unless-game-result-is-resolved.html
  9. I was reading about a young man from David Crockett High School trying for a record this year.He had some great stats going on vs Ooltewah when thunderstorms put a end to the game late in the 3rd.Both schools aren't close to each other so they decided to just make it a non game.The TSSAA rightfully said well then stats don't count,sorry.Crockett cried like babies.I don't understand this.In Illinois schools were further away than these 2 & the home team housed the away team & fed them,playing the next afternoon.There is always a plan for this & the game must be played.A case happened one year where a team was threatened with a forfeit so they ended up playing.Here this seems to happen each year.Didn't Cleveland have it happen last year? The next day was supposed to be nice yet they decided don't play.I recall years ago McMinn County told me they had a game washed out & begged to play on Saturday.I can't recall who they were playing but that school said oh we won't have our paramedics.They are working the UT game.It was a noon game so they said well lets play at 7 Saturday night.Wouldn't do it.They offered to scrap a JV game Monday till Tuesday & play Varsity but that other school wouldn't do it.McMinn demanded they receive a forfeit win but TSSAA didn't see it that way.The coach was pretty upset.Why don't they have plans in place for when this happens? i think a non game is stupid.Like i said if it happened in Illinois both schools would be heavily fined & saddled with a forfeit loss
  10. I understand Gatlinburg Pittman JV backed out of a game against them crying like babies.Also the TSSAA made them cancel a game vs the Tennessee Silverbacks because Silverbacks aren't TSSAA but Lakeway JV this year so why does it matter? Also Gleason playing Memphis Nighthawks tomorrow & Nighthawks aren't TSSAA so why the double standard?
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