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  1. Although they had a down season this year, there is a team in Southeastern Wilson County that may have something to say about that starting next year. I look forward to the battles that’s for sure.
  2. They got a few players back from injury that allowed them to line up in wing t and play smash mouth.
  3. Good post. Although I’m not sure of the ins and outs about why it didn’t work this year. Was it coaching or was it players or a combination. Only the staff can look at things this off-season and figure that out. I’d like to think there is someone on staff that can make this team go offensively IF this year is not the answer as everyone is saying. I’m not a coach just like everyone else on here so I can’t say for sure. There seems to be 2-3 other offensive coaches on staff. Can they call plays or run an offense? Do they want that role? Are they ready for that role? Who knows. Webster is a smart guy and I don’t see him letting his “legacy” at H20, as some like to call it, go out like it did last night. Until next year I’ll just sit back and have my own thoughts and opinions on it all.
  4. If anyone thinks H2O isn’t gonna get Trousdale’s best shot then they’re crazy. Trousdale will play their best game of the year next Friday night. Now is that enough to win that is the big question and truly depends on which H2O team shows up. I feel like they will be ready and well prepared but then again like someone said sometimes I’m just dumbfounded watching them.
  5. Only info I have is from wife’s side of the family who lives there but it’s been rumored Giles will move up to 4a to be able to play more local region games.
  6. Seen them at the JV game vs H2O. They have some good looking underclassman in the line. Not to mention the little QB they have. They will probably end up moving him to RB if I had my guess. They will be fine I believe.
  7. Talking to people up there and with what they have coming up, the drop to 2A seems to benefit them as much as anyone I know of around the mid state.
  8. Someone messed it up that’s for sure. I didn’t catch which official made the call/decision, I was dealing with my kid at the concession stand. I do know if I was H2O staff/admin I would be standing on my head Monday morning when tssaa opened to report it. Probably wouldn’t change the fact but considering this was a play/decision that effected a region game with playoff seedings on the line not to mention keep the winning team in contention for 1st place, they would know how I felt about it and just how bad their officials are.
  9. NCAA you’re correct. NFHS is different. NCAA added their rule due to the penalty not truly punishing them. Therefore they made it to where the team lost the touchdown. I copied and pasted the rule below from NFHS rule book. NFHS 8-2 ART. 4 ... If either team commits an unsportsmanlike conduct or a nonplayer foul during a down in which a touchdown is scored, the opponent may accept the penalty and choose enforcement of the PENALTY: a. On the try, or b. On the subsequent kickoff
  10. Little late on this but it was unsportsmanlike penalty, right or wrong for the call is a whole other conversation, the refs got it wrong on the enforcement. Should have been play stands and penalty enforced on the kick off. Which means TD is good. H2O should have had 6 extra points at the end of 4th quarter that this play took off. Which means they’re up 12-6, end of game. H2O wins. But…… if my grandma had well you know the rest.
  11. They really don’t line up any where in 2A. The current region probably fits them best even going to Harpeth. Wouldn’t be surprised if Harpeth got moved out though Smith for sure will be in unless something crazy happens with alignment.
  12. They are good players, possibly higher level good, but not in the same category as the others mentioned. TC Payne, TT Harper, Scruggs and I’ll even say Wesley Satterfield, those guys changed a game just by stepping on the field by being so dynamic. Trousdale don’t have those caliber players on their roster right now. Cam Rankin was as close as they have had in recent years imo.
  13. Smith County is where he played at. I’m guessing that’s still home. There’s actually quite a bit of Smith County ties on the H2O staff.
  14. I don’t think that can be fairly answered due to I’m not sure they have put a true starting lineup on the field this year due to injuries each week. Seems every week they get 1 player back and lose 2 more.
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