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  1. A region loss at that….been 20+ years since that happened.
  2. A lot of Catholic families go to MBA and it starts in middle school. MBA has 2 starters from the Catholic Panthers organization which is the middle school equivalent to other schools. 1 is all state in football and a wrestling champion. Let’s not forget, a lot of the kids also end up at Pearl-Cohn after a brief stint at Ryan. Kids that were told they couldn’t play certain positions leave, flourish, and get offers in said positions. This goes back to staff not being able to evaluate talent! I’ve seen games where they have kids who aren’t even 200lbs going against offensive tackles! I heard the same thing about Boots and a lot of excitement when he was on campus for Homecoming. Folks reading tea leaves that aren’t there.
  3. I love the Father Knows Best line! After the previous score the kicker put it in the Endzone so KC would have had to drive 80yds for the score. To pooch it and then go prevent was idiotic to me, but I am not a coach. Loose 2 games in a row by 1 with under a minute to go is lunacy.
  4. Sorry @cbg, but but this loss was a bonehead mistake. Go up by 6 with less than a minute left in the game. FR pooches the kickoff and KC starts on their 40. Ryan goes prevent with corners playing 20 yds off ball. KC takes the short stuff and drives to the 20. Instead of putting 4 guys on the goal line with 1.2 seconds left in game and keeping everything in front…FR presses. It’s like he loses on purpose! sort of a new board, and new president….let’s see what happens.
  5. Misinterpretation on my part for you saying change. I have said he needs to go and will continue to say it. Kids that were told that they couldn’t play certain positions seem to play that position at other schools at a high level. Obviously I won’t mention names that I know of, but will say more than 5 players in the past few years. All of these kids have/had multiple D1 offers. All Region and All state players!
  6. MBA! They have the better O-line, Defense, and QB. BA has a good O-line but not the caliber of MBA.
  7. I’ve said it for years as well as @CBG , Rector needs to go. Kudos to MBA as they outplayed Ryan at every phase. No halftime adjustments made and I have it from a reliable source that he threatened to cut kids after the game. Sad! Ryan needs to do better. 5 wins in the division in 7 years? O-2 this year so far.
  8. Definitely good for the city. There is a good possibility that all 3 state champs will be withon a 35 mile radius....20 if DCA comes for revenge.
  9. @theawesomebro has the "don't look ahead" mentality which is the correct thing to do!
  10. I listened to the MSP podcast yesterday. Reporter said he spoke to Minchey after the game and said it wasn't serious and that he'd be ready to go. That would be a huge loss if he misses....understatement of the year.
  11. I think KC would be in the mix if they still hard Martin, Winton, and Lively. Those transfers hurt in my opinion. They were/are excellent players. You are right- OL/DL is huge in the division which is why MBA is rolling. @JRB corrected me on my post about KC vs Baylor and PJP. He loves to point out my mistakes!
  12. Definitely the best tailgate! The West looks weak this year but an interesting game will be CB vs Briarcrest. Nashville teams are 1 & 2....the rest are just playing to be the best in Memphis.
  13. I got Pope over Baylor by a few scores. I think Baylor is waaaaaay overrated but we will see tomorrow. Ryan game against MBA should be close as long as Ryan's play-calling isn't questionable like last year's game. I believe Baylor beat Knox Catholic by 40 which means that LA hangs 40+ as well on KC. I don't see them scoring on the Mustangs.
  14. Getting back to the intent of this thread rather than spending time on a troll for maybe the 4th best team in Wilson County: I've seen both East and Cane Ridge in person. I would've loved to see this two in action against each other. The two are mirror images of each other in my opinion. Speedy deep threats, deceptive QBs, and decent secondaries. If I had to pick a winner in this one I'd probably go with East. @EastNasty I know you are grinning on this one.
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