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  1. Well if anybody knows of a good head coach & entire coaching staff looking for a change help us out over at heritage we could use alot of help just throwing that out there
  2. I know your right I couldn't remember off the top of my head if the did get a score or not offer any of those onside kicks but it doesn't make sense like u said give such a short field over & over also I have read some threads on here about him at other schools kicking kids off the team for being late to practice & what not don't know if he has kicked any kids off at heritage but like you said I guess he feels it's a privilege to have him as a coach idk but from his record at heritage he might wanna try kicking some kids on the team to help the program out
  3. It's also aggravating to keep seeing the same run play up the middle when it hasn't produced anything unless D.Foxx is running the ball which is rare since in Hammondtree's words everyone should all be like #4 so I guess that means you should drop as many if not more kick offs that you are to recover & never have any yards after contact idk
  4. I didn't get a chance to make it out to the karns game last fri but I'm with you it seems to be close at halftime then that's when the wheels always begin to completely blow off plus how could someone has a coach tell the kids he knows it's not his coaching they are just bad football players? What reason would you want to play any different? If I do remember correctly I don't think LC ended up scoring on any of the onside kicks during that game but like you said why do we keep putting ourselves in negative situations knowing what kind of talent we have
  5. Got to love the "safety" word maybe we should wrap these children up in bubble wrap before we let them leave the house how is for so long there was never any kind of time limit on how long you can have full contact & it seems to me that everyone that has played isn't a vegetable like they all act like these kids are going to be after playing anything except video games now days & also what would be the financial impact on purchasing the helmet pads that go over the top of the helmets for full contact surely not has expensive as allowing these kids to learn & play hard physical football so if one cared so much about "safety" then the extra padding for practice would be priceless
  6. That's just pitiful if that's the case it's sad to see what high school sports have become
  7. Plus how hard is it to practice tackling during practice that is one of the huge factors in having so many blowout games I don't feel it's to difficult to practice tackling 30-45min a day when it's over obvious that is one of the major problems they have as a program
  8. There no reason they should have lost to lenoir city Seymour william blount karns and they shouldn't lose to ooltewah this fri (which odds are will happen) isn't that a 500 season? Every one of those games mentioned above that were losses should not have been complete blowouts like they were either I do agree there is a lack of talent at heritage but you can coach up less talented players if nothing else for a couple of wins heck even one at this point would be a huge improvement over what is going on I'm a firm believer that hard work will out perform talent everyday of the week maybe as a whole nobody is willing to put in the hard work that it requires for any amount of success both players and coaches a like
  9. Hopefully they are going to let one of the kids from either school to coach the high school team
  10. I agree that it is time for him to move on it's sad to see that there is some kind of talent at heritage just not being used to potential now don't get me wrong not saying state title potential but definitely a 500 season or truthfully possibly a little better the jv team as looked 100x better than the varsity program but it seems like none of those kids seem to get a break on Friday which doesn't make to much sense due to they aren't going to ruin a playoff run or anything like that so why not instead of running the same three plays over & over & expecting different results I just don't understand why one that is supposed to be so good can't form a different game plan from week to week
  11. Not sure about him being to good of a coach have you ever been to a heritage game to see the two hand touch tackles they are always trying one would think if you are that hardcore of a coach maybe after the two years I've witnessed it that maybe the "hard nose" coach could have these problems rectified but I guess he's still trying to change attitudes since you know he's only been there ten years and has turned the football program into the laughing stock of blount co. Oh also maybe since in his words he only has one stand out on the teams has he has told the young men that play maybe he can just play him only & see how well that works out
  12. That's sounds all well & good but why can't we coach what the kids we have there has to be at least some how to win or even have a close game they aren't playing 10 powerhouse teams like maryville or alcoa all year long only close game was home opener & after that it has been a free fall not just down hill but a free fall
  13. How in the world has heritage lost another game? I can't understand is it the coaches or the team or a combination of both. This is getting ridiculous they haven't won a Friday night game since September 15 or 2017 WTF!!!!!!!! Can anybody help explain what's going on in the foothills of blount co. I thought coach hammondtree was supposed to be one of the better coaches in the area definitely not showing up it the wins & loss column.
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