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  1. Guess they spent on the money on the truf?
  2. So I'm guessing Paige had that conversation with Wes early this week? Like everybody else has already stated, how could / would you say no? Assume Wes would take it? Does Heath care if he is a "co", or is he happy to keep doing what's he has always done? How long will will the faithful be kept in the dark? The answer can probably be found in the basement of the old parts store, just to the right of the orange MG.
  3. Yep. I thought he and Murphy would be tight, now that they live just down the road from one another, plus the running Saturday morning interviews during season.
  4. Check with CCT, he coordinates for the players to get looks, makes sure they have a good packet to share when they get a look, and they stay on track with grades. When he started the season he had two potentials. They now have three more, one received a look the night of the Oakland game when folks were there to see the Oakland WR. Afterwards called CCT to talk about one of his WRs.
  5. Please stop "asking for a friend", your friend is stupid
  6. I will say, the Pirates are resilient, this is a team that has been punched in the mouth a couple of times, and kept coming. It comes from both the players and the coaches. With that said, it could be dangerous for McK. How fitting would it be for this band of Pirates to grab some gold? McKenzie should win by a TD or two - but will they?
  7. Almost here! Excited to see this game as others have noted, will be the best of all the games I believe. I expect Oakland to win in a similar fashion to the LA, CPA games - defense when it counts.
  8. The 16 points we scored on them at the first of the season with a team learning a new offense, does not look so bad now. Appreciate your insight into the program and coach.
  9. Not what I expected. Congrats to DCA, great season!
  10. I'm thinking NC gets revenge for the slop game. Take them by a TD.
  11. Echo what Mike and Swam already said further back in the thread - https://mytv30web.com will have all the games live, and can be streamed. NFHS will also carry all the games.
  12. Note - Oakland, pretty much sums up rlh last sentence. Probably biggest loss (rlh will know) since the BA game long ago.
  13. Congrats Oakland - you did what you did against LA and CPA, got punched in the mouth, dug deep and pulled out a win. Pay no attention to the "phantom fumble", your still up by three. Bottom line, Maryville is a solid team, but Oakland finds a way to win, and you can't take that from them. Summit is coming........
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