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  1. Your QB is a good player, but he had an off night. He will have to be more consistent to beat the teams you have to beat. 5A in Knoxville area is very good. I do think Central is a little down from last 2 years, and OR is injured right now. Powell is very good, but young QB may be able to be rattled by your defense.
  2. Region 1 6A is one of the weakest 6A regions in the state. Rarely get a team past round 2. No excuse for a team to have so many deficiencies in that size of school and a staff in place for several years. Part of the issue is the fact that they rarely sub when getting blown out. Last year, with 6 games having running clocks by halftime, the back up QB took no snaps. Many other positions in the same boat.
  3. It was. West QB played poorly in the first half. Missed 4 wide open guys for TDs. Jeff only threatened once, but as per usual, got a dead ball 15yd penalty to set up a 3rd and 18
  4. I am just hoping they don't score 100
  5. While I share your thoughts on some of the parents, it doesn't explain why the basketball teams and baseball teams have had some recent success. I understand you need fewer athletes in those sports to be competitive, but JC hasn't been in the picture in football in over 15 years.
  6. Reminds me of the saying, “it ain’t the size of the dog in the fight, it is about the size of the fight in the dog”. In the infamous rant by David Bennet, “We need more dogs, got to many cats”
  7. No we haven’t, aside from a 2 year run under Meadows in 02 and 03. I thought Spencer Riley would instill that toughness the program was built on, but this year’s team is sponsored by Charmin. They have a couple of OL who are so fat they can’t get out of their stance
  8. Fulton not as good with all their players on Powell’s team
  9. With tonight’s loss to Mo West, Jefferson Co is now 0–10 in the last 10 games. Realistically, we are looking at 0-17 after this year. Only hope is Hardin Valley
  10. Man, we suck. QB is bad. The OL, aside from Schrader kid, is overweight and soft. The Houston kid is a good back, but he has to make 2 moves to get to the LOS. And the down side is the offense is the better side of the ball. I am not sure our defense could tackle the cheerleaders.
  11. How rich is it that this thread was started by a Powell guy?
  12. I have never seen a more spineless man than Bernard Childress. Be a leader
  13. This BS has got to stop. It is ridiculous. IS Greenback and McMinn Co. next?
  14. I wish I could like this more than once. Northam is a joke. So are Newsome and Cuomo. The risk of infection in people 18 and under is very low. Chance of death is 10 times lower than them driving to the school.
  15. Trapped between 3 State Championship level programs with little tradition of anything but sucking. WB will never be a top level program. Just the way it is. Be happy if you can get to 5-5 or 6-4 and make the 1st round of the playoffs every so often.
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