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  1. Trapped between 3 State Championship level programs with little tradition of anything but sucking. WB will never be a top level program. Just the way it is. Be happy if you can get to 5-5 or 6-4 and make the 1st round of the playoffs every so often.
  2. I guess we know who wears the pants in this house . It will be interesting to see who Central goes with. Fountain City is a strange place.
  3. I don't know the principal from Eve, but I do know several boosters and alums. They do not speak highly of her attitude toward athletics. Too often principals lose sight of what gets the publicity. You can have great academic success and few people will know. You win a state football or basketball title, a lot more people will recognize your school.
  4. Has anyone ever "burned it up" at NV? Same as Carter. Something about chicken salad out of chicken $#@&
  5. It helps to know the guy making the offers
  6. Maybe they could get Heath Woods to come back. He is at Northview right now. Be a substantial paycut for a similar job though.
  7. Suitcase Scott never stays anywhere long, that is the issue. I don't blame him for leaving Carter, though. It is not a good place for coaches right now. The principal there has no spine
  8. I watched Betsy play twice, and I thought they were a really good team. However, they would be no match in a 4qtr battle with Alcoa up front. Alcoa would win every division except for 6A and maybe big private league.
  9. 3 public divisions, 2 private divisions are plenty. It is hard to develop rivals when you don't play them in every sport. Let the hate flow through you all year. It will never happen because the T$$AA loves that playoff money. Who cares about the schools?
  10. Officially, you may be correct. However, he has been told the job is his.
  11. Carter is a tough place to win. The community there is strong, but it is one of those places "if you ain't from here". It, along with Gibbs, are the most "rural" schools in Knoxville. They are a small fish in a big pond in Knox Co. Knox Co doesn't do a lot to help sports teams, so most are dependent on booster programs. Not a lot of money in the Carter community. Talking with some old Carter people, they seem to think that athletics takes a back seat to the band.
  12. I know a guy who knows a guy who knows another guy. JK. I have a good source within the Sevier Co Schools
  13. Meadows heading back to Pigeon Forge it appears.
  14. Meadows wants the job. He isn't a fan of where he is.
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