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  1. I am sure it didn't help that that coach that I believe was helping organize it all left for another coaching job. The new MS coach is Coach Reeves from Heritage. I am sure he is just trying to get his feet underneath him. I do know for a fact that the H.S. is trying to get a feeder program established with the new name being under a WB logo of some sort. This should help eventually.
  2. That is news to me. The JV games are a thing though. They will be doing 5th quarters at normal games. I think this means more 6th graders might be playing at MS level.
  3. Watched the Bearden vs WB 7v7 and Big Man practice today. I didn't watch as much of 7v7 as I did the Big Man, but I thought the big man squad looked much improved, even from the spring.
  4. Actually it is not completely dead from what I heard. They are supposedly playing in a JV type middle school league from what I am hearing. This means those guys will be practicing with the MS a year earlier. I don't know about the younger kids. Are they no longer playing either? What I heard could be completely wrong, but I believe the person that told me.
  5. I do some of the filming for these 7v7 games. Sensabaugh is hard on them in a good way. Fun to watch and listen to throughout a game. I would definitely agree they got better throughout the season. Having said that, I am not sure they were all DB kids. I think it was mostly DB, but others sprinkled in.
  6. I won't address all the points because I am not "taking the bait". 1. I think depth will be better this year. More kids have come out for spring. If just a couple work out that will help tremendously. 2. I don't disagree with your assessment of final regular season possibilities. One thing to caution is that this team has to actually go do it. I know many of the Seniors on this team, and they hate losing enough to work hard to change it. Weight room gains so far is proving that out. 3. There are still some wild cards out there that could dramatically help this team. If they all work out (big if) in WB's favor, that 7-3 becomes a harder floor and the 8-2 is a weaker ceiling. Lets have this discussion after week 1 of summer practice in pads. 4. The ending of the Heritage game was unfortunate. Not sure the majority of blame should fall on WB for that one. Still shouldn't happen regardless. Don't think that will be a problem on this team. They respect the rivalry, but they have bigger goals than winning a bell.
  7. Update after the first week of Spring Practice. I am convinced these new assistants are the real deal. They seem to be good in scheming X's and O's AND they are good at coaching technique. Should be a really good thing for WB. Actions are better than words, so I won't say much more about what I have seen with my own eyes other than this team could be interesting to watch next season.
  8. Having a son playing 7v7, I get to see a lot of football this time of year. Regardless of what you think about 7v7, and how it may or may not translate to real football, DB has a team called the Tribe playing. I don't know any names on the team, but they look pretty decent to me. It is hard to gauge in 7v7 though as some HS's bring their own players out and they play against some all star type teams that are made up of players from different schools. From the little I can the Tribe has been swapping 2 qbs out every few plays. Neither has eye popping ability, but they aren't bad either. By eye popping, I mean one guy from one other team has 50 TD's thrown in 7 weeks and another guy was Kaden Martin (Tee's son). Those guys are eye popping and just different. If you want to watch, it is free and I think they play again at Alcoa on Saturday.
  9. Not sure what your getting at. I am not a coach, teacher or anyway on staff with WB. I have absolutely no say in anything they do at WB. I only know a little about the hires as I asked after the first one. AD Cupp did post it on Twitter, so it is not like it is secret information. If your looking for my motive to post, I do have one as I have a player on the team. Seems like the right thing to do is post about something good when it happens. Regardless of whether you think Shad is a good coach or not, these hires should help. Not sure what is sheepish about that point of view.
  10. Yeah it would be nice to get back to the original topic. The fact is that these are good hires. Yet all these supposed Blount County Sports fans want to talk about something else. Kind of missing the point. Half the people commenting about stuff couldn't coach a successful rec league team, but would complain about the one guy that is actually trying. Yet here we are talking about Navy Seal training in a thread about a local team making a few good moves.
  11. Another good hire. Robert Reeves. I don't know him, but what I am hearing is that he is a good coach and a great guy. AD Cupp and Shad making statements with these hires. Apparently getting real knowledgeable assistants.
  12. The fact they have won 30% is what he means. Who else has done that.
  13. Again, your answers were how it mostly benefited Alcoa (and although you didn't mention them, Maryville) and then assumed WB traveling is an issue. Here is another set of questions. 1. Why should anyone from WB care how far Maryville or Alcoa has to travel? As far as I am concerned it is not their problem. 2. Why does Alcoa and Maryville have to travel to KY and Middle Tennessee to find opponents? Why doesn't some team in closer proximity take on that game? I would venture to say WB people have similar thoughts about it as those other teams that don't take it on. 3. Why should William Blount take 2 automatic losses every year to make Maryville and Alcoa fans feel good about not traveling as far? You could talk about being "scared", but like you basically said not one William Blount player I know is scared to get on the field with them, but that doesn't mean they care to volunteer themselves for feel good wins for a cross city team. WB may lose every game they play next year, but they have a chance in all of them as they will be playing opponents that are more closely tied to the talent level. How big a man are you or sissy adults arguments just don't make a lot of sense. They sound good from behind a keyboard though, but not practical in this matter. This has nothing to do with football knowledge. 4. Why hijack a thread that was meant to be a positive post about something good happening in town just to get your two cents in? You could start your own thread instead of hiding your feelings inside a post that has nothing to do with the points you are trying to make. I am done with this topic after this reply as I am choosing to focus on the good news WB has had over the last 2 days.
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