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  1. What happened to Summertown when they played Loretta ?
  2. Weather's is the best all around player I have seen in several years. She deserves the recognition she is receiving. I wish her much success in her college career. Hard work does have its rewards.
  3. A good team that is ranked as having one of the best offensive outputs as a team , having one of the best records, and touted shooters all season goes to Murfreesboro, what happened during the season is nill. How they play during that week determines who become State Champions of the respective classes. One thing I dislike is a coach talking about how bad ( we shot terrible) her team played as to why they lost. (Summertown. ). To me that is a slap in the face. When they win, the coach gets credit for the win, but when they lose, players get the blame for the loss. Loretta showed why they are Class A Girls State Champions. There were several outstanding teams in all classes this year. I am glad that the TSSAA allowed the season to be concluded this year. Congratulations to all that just made it to the State Tournament, win or lose. Can't wait till next season ! P.S. Officiating during the season was subpar.
  4. Amazing that a highly touted team could play this bad and still win. I think both teams played bad enough to lose if their opponent had been somebody different. The Lady Eagles (28-3) managed to win despite shooting just 9-for-40 from the floor (4-18 3-pointers) against Clarkrange, the No. 4 team in the final Associated Press Class A statewide regular-season poll. Putting the ball through the rim wins games. 9 for 40 won't win a State Champsionship. Nothing to brag about here !
  5. What happened to Gibson County ? I guess it happens to the " best ".
  6. Saw Collinwood play Hampshire this year. They have a decent team this year. Hampshire (whopping 200 total HS students ) is 6-1 with their only loss to Collinwood. They have a young team that push the ball . They run the floor like Jo Byrns does. Have not seen Wayne County play this year, but have heard reports that they are improved this year. The team I am impressed with is Jo Byrns. Saw them play. They have a 6 foot and a 6 ft 2 player that are quiet impressive . They have a point a point guard that can get them the ball. Unless you have the height, they are pretty much unstoppable. As well as being tall, they are also very athletic. I think they could give Region favorites a run for the money this year. I think this year could be a year of upsets, that is if they get to finish the season this year. The TSSAA handled the season finish very poorly last year.
  7. I think there will be some major upset this season. Look what happened to Summertown last year. Covid is wrecking havoc on sports. CDC says school is the safest place for students to be. Covid could throw a wrench in who wins what or where. Until local health departments and teachers organizations get it together, the 2020, 2021 seasons will not be decided again this year. Some schools have only played 2 or 3 games thus far. I mean , one school in our district, the coach tested positive for Covid. His entire team was quarantined for 10 days. Another team, the coach's wife tested positive, The coach missed 10 days. I have 3 grand daughters that start on the same team. Would like to see the season completed, but it's too early to predict. Time will tell.
  8. I have watched girls basket for 50+ years. Weathers from Loretto is the best all around ball player from middle tennessé that I have ever seen. All she needs is for someone to inbound the ball for her. If Loretto has above average talent on the starting roster with her, I believe they will be a succesful candidate for Class A Champions for 2020-2021. I donot live in Loretto.
  9. Correct. Culleoka will play Mt Pleasant. Winner plays Hampshire. Richland plays Santa Fe. Finals probably be Richland verses Hampshire. 3rd and 4th place probably be Santa Fe verses Culleoka. But who knows? Good luck to all!
  10. Hampshire held on in overtime against Santa Fe. 58-55. Hampshire had 16 pint lead in 3rd quarter, Santa Fe tied game at end of regulation. Hampshire' experienced players prevailed in overtime.
  11. Hampshire came from down 24 points in 3rd quarter Friday night 1/17/2020 and defeated Richland 70 - 67. Pretty good for a Small public school with 114 enrolled. Also nationally ranked in best schools . They excell in education, after all, that is what schools are for.
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