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  1. Nick is the exception to all the COVID rules, apparently. For real. I don't know. I just know that dealing with schools and Tennessee Department of Health and TSSAA - the rules are that a positive test requires a 10 day quarantine. (not an expert, just someone who has read over these rules many times).
  2. The thing is, once you're positive, there is a mandatory 10 day quarantine. No questions. No negatively testing out of it. Doesn't matter if you take 15 tests the next day and they are all negative. You are in quarantine status and can't be removed from it. It is a legal quarantine, not a suggestion. Whoever thinks that a negative test means something within 10 days of a positive test was very misinformed. I've known several people in quarantine, spoken to Health Departments and school officials many times. If he was positive, he should have stayed HOME for 10 days (along with his household contacts staying home for 14 days if quarantining separately or 24 days if quarantining together with him). This data is so readily available on school system/TSSAA/health department websites that it is hard to believe that anyone doesn't understand that by now. Anyway -- I'm not even arguing anyway towards the decision in this because the given facts seem all over the place...but just pointing out that a negative test doesn't matter. Bad situation.
  3. Our qb broke some tackles Friday night that looked Swafford-esque.
  4. http://chattanoogacw.com/sports/friday-night-rivals/game-replays/friday-night-rivals-south-pittsburg-vs-meigs-county?fbclid=IwAR2Phd0JsDyMLldH8sqgK_oaNS44EnWSRecWcDOcmUwfwSicEdRGn_FY4gk
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